Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dear Santa...

The time has came to make a list for santa my mom.  The tricky thing about asking for something for christmas from my mom is that she rules with an iron fist.  I have to need it, it has to be reasonably priced, and it has to be something that is either easily purchased (online) or something she would enjoy purchasing (books.)  That means i have to really run through the purchasing cycle of any potential gift before i ask for it.  

First on the list is new running shoes.

I have two possible options...These are the shoes i have now:
Nike Structure Triax 14
Hello, old friend.
These shoes have been good to me, so i would be perfectly content with a new pair of the same shoe.  The problem is that Nike just came out with the 15 version of this shoe, which only comes in white and gray.  

I know that if i were a "real" runner, shoe color would not matter.  Guess what, Nike - IT MATTERS.  Boring shoes make running seem like a punishment.  I want a bright, obnoxious shoe.  When i feel like i want to quit on a long run, i look down at my shoes, and think, "ooh!  bright color!  Let's keep running."  DON'T YOU TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME, NIKE!  There might come a time when i need to start hoarding brightly colored shoes. (Thats where those hoarder tendencies come from!)  Another pair of shoes i think i could slowly run some marathons with are these:
Mizuno Wave Inspire 8
Look at how bright they are.....

I don't just want them because they are teal, i swear.  I tried them on at a running store at the time i bought the Nikes originally, and they were both equally awesome, so i am familiar with the fit, etc.

I am also in need of some good recovery gear.  There is always a possibility that i will just get in really good shape and not be sore after every long run and....Nahhh, who are we kidding.  I need recovery gear.   I really want a pair of Aspaeris pivot shorts.  They just look so beautifully tight and "compressivey"  

And i want a pair of compression socks.  I have had so many issues with my lame and underdeveloped calf/shin muscles.  They just don't respect me.  Maybe, just maybe, if i get them pink socks....

And, because i obviously do way more than run, i have some non-running requests on the list as well:
Dare to dream....
$400 Stuart Weitzman wedges (because i need to have something ridiculous on the list to make all the other gift requests seem more reasonable.  (It's all about perspective.)

And of course, grizzly bear socks for my hunter boots.
Baby, it's cold outside...
Looking like a bear is the first step to mastering cold weather survival.  ASK ANYONE.

In all honesty, the only thing i really want/need/plan on actually getting for christmas is the shoes, but making a list is just so much fun.  

I wonder whats on everyone else's Christmas list?


  1. My wish list is pretty much all running stuff:

  2. I would love everything on this list too! Buy it for me. Thanks!