Thursday, December 15, 2011

2 hours of reflection

At least thats what i'm calling it.  Traffic was a NIGHTMARE this morning, and of course i was in a hurry to make it for a meeting (which i missed entirely, btw.)  I sat parked on the expressway for close to an hour, and then creeped along for another hour.   Spending so much time in traffic has the ability to make one go mad, so i have created a handful of games to entertain me during my hellacious journey.  One is the license plate game.  I have been trying to find all 50 states, while creeping down the highway, and i had a huge break through today....
Yea, THAT just happened!
THAT, my friends, is an alaska license plate.  ALASKA!  I have been waiting for an Alaska for 6 months!!!  Man, i love the holidays....That alone makes sitting in traffic for two hours seem worth it.  I might have some priority issues.  

I also spent that two hours trying to sleuth and figure out what the hell happened to make the traffic so bad.  You can usually find clues laying along the side of the highway.  A fender here, a headlight there....
I saw plenty of fender bender remnants, but non of those should be enough to lead to a two hour gridlock.    At one point, i saw tons of little white foam pellets all along the side of the highway, and a trail of them went on for two miles.  Obviously, being the master mind that i am, i was able to crack the case.  The only solution is that a bean bag chair and a giant inflatable snow-globe lawn ornament had a throw down in the middle of the highway, a throwdown which they both lost, resulting in their pellet-y insides being spewed across the highway, and creating a monumental traffic jam as spectators tried to flee in horror.  

Don't worry, i'm not quitting my day job.

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  1. When my commute was a little bit longer (50 minutes) I would listen to audiobooks. Ambling Books is a great free smartphone app, and a lot of classics are available for free download. Made my commute SO MUCH better. Now my commute is 25 minutes and I got lazy about the audiobooks. I should pick it back up again. I miss "reading."