Friday, April 20, 2012

Fun Fact Friday

I just want to thank everyone for the encouragement this week.  I went home last night and wrapped myself in compression gear and had an evening with my foam roller.  I've also made emergen-C my new BFF.  I had planned on taking today off of work anyway, but man, it feels really nice right now to get some extra r&r in!!  I hope to be right back on track next week....just in time to taper.  And then go really crazy :)

Todays fun facts are about HOT MARATHONS!! I know we were all biting out nails for our comrades when the temperature soared to 88 degrees.  And i know i was secretly fearing a similar fate for my own marathon next month!  So, just to see how often these hot marathons occur, i did some research

If you want to experience what it was like to be on the front lines of Boston, my favorite account is Bill's. I think non-elites sometimes get the short end of the stick, because we are out there the longest!  We start after everyone else!  Bill ran through the whole thing in that brutal heat, and is STILL smiling in every picture!

And now the facts.
The 2012 Boston Marathon hit 88 degrees.  GROSS.  But was it the hottest ever?  Not even. in 1905 it reached 100 degrees.  That's insane.

In 1984, for the NYC marathon reached 79, which isn't terrible, until you add in the 96% humidity.  Ouch.  That was the first year with fatality on the course.  :(

And some of you might have even ran the 2007 Chicago Marathon that ended up being black-flagged.  10,000 people opted not to run, and almost 11,000 didn't finish.  Hundreds were hospitalized.  WTF, october in Chicago?

They actually have a half marathon in Dallas in August called "the hottest half"  WHY?  I mean, seriously, WHY? As i recall last summer, there was a solid month where temperatures didn't go beneath 95 degrees, even at night.

They have a documentary on netflix called running the sahara.  Spoiler: Three guys run across the sahara, and its brutal.  The documentary was mediocre in my opinion, but its a crazy thought just the same.  You can see a trailer and some facts here.  Waffles, (whose breed is from Africa) is completely unimpressed with the music of her native country that plays during the trailer.  The best part of the documentary is Matt Damon's beautiful, beautiful voice.

Have you ever heard of the Badwater ultramarathon?  It's just a little 135 miler.  Through DEATH FREAKING VALLEY.  Daily highs often reach 120 degrees.  To train for it, only the most badass athletes are allowed, and they specifically train by dragging treadmills into saunas to run.
That about sums it up.

Just a few fun facts to get you through friday!  Now i am off to enjoy my friday!  Have a great weekend!


  1. I think running a marathon in anything over 75 degrees is insane. 100 degrees? Holy dang!

    PS- Glad you are feeling better!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Sara....I'm smiling in all the pictures because I was, in spite of the heat, having the time of my life. I mean.....I was running the BOSTON MARATHON!!!!

    Of course, the official race photographers also managed to snap a few pics of me when I wasn't seeing my friends or family...and while I'm smiling in most of them, a few are more candid and my face is showing the effort, particularly on Heartbreak.

    Having run through the heat, I can honestly say I never want to suffer like that again! Hopefully, you'll have better weather for your marathon, and I've got my fingers crossed for my next marathon in October.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. so i had a friend in CA that ran badwater. definition of insane!!!

    also, be EXTRA glad you didn't go to work today, the commute made me cry.

  4. I can't believe it got that hot for NYC marathon!! YIKES!!! The year when Chicago was so hot, Twin Cities was actually a few degrees hotter... it was GROSS. I hope I never get stuck running a hot marathon again. Ha.

  5. There was an article in an old issue of RW about the hottest half, and how this guy did heat training to prepare for it... and it was still too hot. Sometimes the weather just sucks.

    I have been thinking a lot about Running the Sahara this week, and addiction. Did you think about how two of those guys were addicted to drugs or alcohol (or something) in the beginning, then they just become addicted to running? Then that d-bag in the end is like "I am going to run ahead, you guys stop then catch up" then he like sprints!!! WHAT A D-BAG!! :P

    Rockford will be a nice cool race :)

  6. Thanks for the history! This past year's Chicago Marathon was warm, in the low 70's, but I guess I can't really complain because it could have been much much worse!

  7. Watched "Running the Sahara" a few months ago - I can't even comprehend running the equivalent of 170 marathons in 111 days...I haven't even run ONE in NORMAL temps! Ay, ay, ay... Here's praying that June 9th in Chicago is a mild one for the half!

  8. Yikes, I can't even pretend to imagine what it's like to run a marathon in those temps. Power to those people! I think I'll sit at home in front of a fan for them!

  9. Ran my first half in about 80 degree heat in the death of Texas...NO FUN!

  10. You are awesome...and you didn't even melt. Way to go!!