Monday, April 2, 2012

where did you go weekend??

Dang, weekends go by fast!  

My weekend started out with an 18 mile run.  This was the first time in the past year where i actually thought to myself that i might be crazy.  Because at my pace, an 18 mile run gives you about 10 hours of time to talk to people you are running with, we were discussing what we were doing on that fine saturday.  (mine was boring - laundry and puppy time)  But who the heck has a saturday that goes like this:

wake up at 6am
eat granola bar, drink coffee
Take a shower
walk the dog
drink more coffee
make lunch
throw laundry in 
catch up on sitcoms

I actually at one point just started laughing at the absurdity of it.  (it could have also been the sugar high.  or the fact that i have actually lost my mind.)  Runners are crazy.  Straight up crazy.

Here's the real kicker though - the 18 miler wasn't that bad. I was tired at the end, and ready to get off my feet, but at no point did i feel like i was dying, or have homicidal thoughts about lashing out at those around me.  

The worst part was seeing the people around me struggle the last few miles - because i hate seeing other people suffer, and because i have been there - i know they were thinking about pushing me in the lake. I know it.  It probably didn't help that i talked about game of thrones for a solid hour.  

I felt pretty good after the run, just really stiff.  It kinda hurt we to take waffles for a walk after all that running, but i think it actually helped me feel less sore later on, because Sunday i did not hurt nearly as much as usual.  

Since Matt was out of town, i indulged in a Supersize vs. Superskinny marathon while i tried to conquer laundry mountain.  Supersize vs Superskinny is a british show that i am basically addicted too. They take an extremely obese person, and an underweight person, and make them switch diets for a week.  It's like biggest loser, only someone alway ends up pissed off.  Usually by day three of the 400lb person only getting coffee for breakfast, they are about to snap the skinny person like a twig.

Sunday, i ran a bunch of errands that included replacing all the air plants that i killed (for the second time)
I promise not to kill you all this time.
And making cake balls for a work baby shower
I told Matt he could eat the ugly ones because they were for an event, and he proceeded to find a flaw with every single one in an attempt to eat the entire batch.  Whatever, i thought they looked pretty cute!

And lastly, GAME OF THRONES!!!!!!!!!!
I won't give away anything for those who haven't seen it (or don't care) But it was AWESOME.  This season is positioned around a power struggle between five parties wanting to rule over Westeros.  I know which team i'm on!

I mean seriously?  She has dragons.  Game over.

I hope everyone's weekend was significantly more exciting than mine!!


  1. Don't worry, I can't keep plants alive either. In my apartment I went through three sets of air plants in three years. I'm nervous what I will do to kids one day!!!

    1. Thats how i feel! But in my defense, i have asked every time how to take care of them, and always gotten a different answer. In fact, the guy at sprout told me they don't need to be watered ever. Thanks dude.

  2. YES! Runners are crazy and I LOVE IT! Congrats on the 18, yo!

    1. Thanks! It helps when everyone around you is equally crazy :D

  3. Glad you survived your 18 miler :-) And I've had LOTS of Saturdays that looked exactly like that. Although, after my first 18 miler I rode a giant runner's high until I crashed hard later that afternoon. It was pretty spectacular.

    1. Oh i have had days where i crash from a 10 miler :) I think it's just the luck of the draw, haha

  4. Yay for 18! I always liked 18 because its long enough to get great satisfaction from yet not quite a gut-busting 20.

    1. eeep! now i am nervous for my 20-miler, haha!

  5. Ummmm please tell me where I can watch this awesome sounding show because I want to waste hours of my life seeing this. Seriously. Online somewhere?

    Congrats on 18 miles!! I will never, in my life, ever, run 18 miles. So I will just be proud I know someone who can :)

    1. I have found all the seasons on youtube! It's broken into segments which is annoying though. I am sure if you are good with that stuff, you can find it elsewhere, but i don't understand the internets. Be warned though-its so addicting!

  6. So happy your 18 went awesome!

    I need to check out this show (Game of Thrones). Everyone is talking about it! The fat vs skinny show looks interesting too :)

  7. way to go lady!!! I am still trying to envision 18 miles! WOO HOO!