Monday, February 6, 2012

Back in black.

It's good to be back.
After this past week, i finally feel like i am back to where I was last fall before i totally freaked out and decided i hated running and was quitting for a month to better focus my pursuits to competitive snacking.  

I am really focusing on two things with my running right now.  
1.  Speed.  I am really slow, and proud to be slow, but i need to get a little bit faster right now in order to have people to run with.  My short stubby legs have not been keeping up.  Why, oh why, did nature give me the body layout equivalent to a wiener dog?
This is me, all torso, no limbs....
I would love to get my pace down to 8:30-9:00 for my shorter runs by the end of the year.  I am hoping if i chase after Keren and Kelsey enough, it might actually happen!

2.  Quality.  I would like to have "stupid, crappy runs" less often.  Part of why i was so burnt out last season is that i was pushing to hard to make goals, so my body felt like crap, and my mind felt even worse.  I should finish this year without hating running.  or crying during a race.

SO, in order to help focus on these elements, i have made a few goals for this year.  And hopefully, people will help me stick to them.

1.  I would like to run a sub 2:00 half marathon this spring/summer, and possibly a 1:55 by fall.  
2.  I am going to run 3 marathons this year.  Two i will be really training for, and the third i intend to run/walk/drink my way through.
    a.  The first marathon is in may.  I just want to finish.  Lord help me, i just want to finish.
    b.  The second marathon is in Oct.  I want to run it in 4:00:00.  I really want to break that barrier.  
    c.  The third i also just want to finish.  I am only doing it for the bragging rights of an international marathon.
3.  I want to run one race in an elaborate hand made costume.  
I am still kicking around ideas, but i think it would be awesome to force convince someone to run a race with me dressed as ABBA
I wish i could say i was kidding right now, but this would be SO AWESOME!
Naked cowgirl is also in the running, especially if there ends up being a really hot race this summer...
All i would really need is an inflatable guitar....
As always, i am open to suggestions....
4.  I kind of want to try a trail race.  Nothing extreme, i just want to dip my toe in the water...
5.  I want to help someone reach a goal of theirs.  Any goal.  I just want to be a part of it.

I also have a couple non running goals:
1.  Get a haircut.  Like this week.  Its becoming a real disaster up there.
2.  Stop worrying so much.  From here on out, i plan to approach all my problems as Kesha would.  I'm gonna go at it hard, and there is going to be lots of glitter.  and booze.
If ever i had a soulmate...
3. Nice black pants.  I'm gonna own some.  It is time.
4.  I'm going to try and at least limit the candy intake.  I am starting to have concern for my teeth.  As jank as they are, they chew my food, and for that i love them.
5.  Finalize my zombie preparedness kit.  You never just never know.... 
6.  More pictures.  Life is just too short.  And my face is just too beautiful.

Anyone else make some big goals for this year?  I feel like most people did it in January, but it takes me at least a month to commit to the goal making process.


  1. I shall respond according to numbers.

    Running Goals:
    1. You and me both sister. A sub 2 hr half sounds amazing right now and is seriously making me sick to my stomach thinking about it. IF for whatever reason I don't get that time, I may quit running myself.

    Non-Running Goals:
    1. Again, you and me both. Sad state of affairs around here.

    3 marathons this year = epic win. You're a beast!!!

    1. I am so glad someone thinks it is epic, because i was starting to think i lost my damn mind. But to be epic, that is TOTALLY worth it!

  2. Sub 2 hour half, you can totes do that. In fact, let's do that together.

    Also, I love ABBA so consider that goal done, cause I will be doing that with you also.

    Running Goals:
    1. finish the Chicago marathon without dying or grabbing onto someone as they drag me to the finish.
    2. get better at holding an appropriate pace.
    3. spend less time freaking out before long runs.

    Non-running goals:
    1. spend as much time with gingerfoxxx as I possibly can.
    2. eat more ceasar salad.

    1. Thank god you approve the ABBA costumes, bc i was basically going to make you do it anyway.

      Also, caesar salad is freaking amazing.

  3. Zombie prepardness kit - must add to my goals. We have emergency survival kit on the list, but the zombie one is different.

    I would love my average pace to be sub 9:00. I am wondering if I will ever get to that. It feels so challenging to me! Good luck on your venture! Know that there are slower peeps out there (me) but that we live far far away from the city in the suburbs...

    And let me know how you figure out to worry less. I need to do this too.

    1. If you ever need zombie advice, i am your girl!

      And i really do find running slower more enjoyable. I actually venture out to the suburbs on the weekends sometimes for long runs - it's so exciting to run in a new place that i don't even think about how far i'm going!