Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dude, where's my car

I've never actually seen this movie, and the photo isn't exactly swaying me.
Last night i went to the Fleet Feet chicks night, for an unseasonably warm and there for unseasonably AWESOME run.  Just because i have accepted winter running, doesn't mean i am not still pining for spring/fall runs, when the weather is perfect, and you run extra miles just because it is so wonderful. 

The best part was that Keren and Kelsey were there too! (BTW, Kelsey is having a bic band giveaway, so whatever you do, don't go over there and comment on her page and interfere with my chance of getting a free bic band!!)  I didn't get any pictures, because i almost didn't make it. but i think this one must have been taken of us by someone else that was there.
FACT:  i am wearing that flag at work right now.
It was just a really nice run in general! It was a little speedy at first, because those ladies are much faster than me, but luckily we hit the great Chicago mudpits and that slowed our "clip" down a little bit.  Keren refers to "pace" as "clip"  and i have now dedicated my life to using that word.  

"Heyyyy guys, just doing a run at my long distance clip"
"How will i ever qualify for boston with this clip?"
"It feels like we're running so fast, is this a 7:00 clip?  no?  a 10:00 clip?  well that sucks..."

Its gonna be huge.
Even the muddiest runs are fun when you have company.  And now my shoes don't look so salty, because the mud covered that salt right up!

But most importantly, i lost my car last night.  I have a difficult time making it to fleet feet by 6:30 with the commute, and yesterday was no different.  On top of that, there were two separate events at fleet feet, so there was no parking.  I started to panic because i was still driving around at 6:30 looking for parking, and because of all the one ways, i had no idea where i was.  I ended up parking my car illegally, and i just started sprinting, with my purse and phone in hand.  I ended up hitting North ave, and realized i had parked my car really far away (almost a mile).  I kept sprinting and made it to fleet feet just as the ladies were heading out.  The problem was, i was so manic trying to meet up with Keren and Kelsey, that i completely forgot where my car was.  All i remembered is that when i got to North ave, there was enterprise rent-a-car.  So after my run, i walked down North Ave until i found an Enterprise, and then turned right.  I then ran down that street for HALF A MILE pressing my alarm button to my car in hopes of locating it.  Yeah, i'm the crazy chick in running gear holding her keys up in the air pressing the panic button.  for half a mile.  I found it eventually, but it made me question how i survive on a day to day basis.  

My life is an adventure.


  1. So happy to see you and Keren last night! I'm planning on going to buy an actually running jacket tonight so I can continue to come and not die from frostbite. Any good ones you found when looking for your Lulu one??

    Glad you found your car!!

  2. Oh wow, I forgot about that classic movie. I own it but never watch it. It was one of the first DVDs I owned. (Sign of the times.)

    Can you tell me more about the Wednesday night runs? It sounds like it would be something fun to do in the summer--and a nice way to meet up with new running friends! Yay!

    1. The one i go to is actually on Tuesday nights (The fleet feet at north and wells) Although the lincoln square location has a Wed. night chick's fun run. But either way, its just a casual run for ladies only, there are small groups that break off for 3, 4, 5, or 6 miles. After a couple runs, you start to figure out who is running a similar pace to you. Or like me, you can just desperately chase people that are faster than you. It's really fun and relaxed, i always feel great after the chicks night runs! Heres a link!