Thursday, February 2, 2012


Thursdays are by far the hardest run i have all week, although it wouldn't appear that way from the stats.  I am purposefully setting myself up to have a terrible run every thursday, as a means of psychological conditioning.  If my busted self can run like a champ, then hopefully my best self can run even better.

I am pretty well known for mentally throwing in the towel in any kind of race long before my body is actually spent.  Proof here where i decided to stop and cry for a while during a race.  You know, just because.

My new thing for thursdays is to do everything wrong leading up to my run.  (this is something i excel at.)  I have a fairly intense run on Wednesday night (although this week i had to skip my group run to take care of the puppy, and ended up lone-wolfing/slacking at the gym.)  SO, here is the set up to my grueling thursday run:

1.  Somewhat strenuous run Wed night, leaving less than 12 hours for recovery
2.  I had a very small inadequate dinner (i have nightmares if i eat to close to bedtime.  i'm a freak.)
3.  Only 6 hours of sleep.  (i can't help this one.  I have 3am puppy duty.)
4.  No breakfast
5.  And here's the kicker - no coffee.

Basically, this is the worst set-up for a run possible.  During this run, my motivation is at a big fat "0" and i usually spend the first couple miles trying think up a justifiable excuse to quit and go home.  
i just remembered i left a fork on the counter.  I better take care of it....
My reasoning is, the last 6 miles of the marathon are going to feel like this.  (ok, who are we kidding, i suck at running, the last 20 miles will feel like this....)  My goal is to be able to run 6-7 miles, around my race pace (or a little slower) when i am completely on empty and ready to throw in the towel.  If i can train myself to push myself through that, i think i will be set for marathoning.  Plus, i would like to think that i will perform even better when i have had a carb rich dinner, 8 hours of sleep (HA!) rest days, breakfast, and ample coffee.  You have to wonder how people ran marathons before all the drifit, gatorade, GU gels, power bars, and electrolyte recovery drinks....
Shot bloks?  What the hell is that?  I have a cigarette every 6-7 miles and that is it.  Also, i love your slacks.
Who knows if this will help me or not, and by all means, do not take my advice, because i am basically the worst runner ever.  To me, winning is not laying on the curb crying about how stupid running is. 2012 is my year.

Also did you hear the news?  More winter.  awesome.
Has there ever been a year when he hasn't seen his shadow?  How old is this stupid groundhog??  SHOULDN'T YOU BE BLIND BY NOW???


  1. I literally cracked up out load reading this post.

    I think I may be your competition for worst runner ever.