Monday, February 13, 2012

The shakes.

Have you ever been so cold, that even after being in a warm room for like 10-15 minutes, you just CAN'T get warm, and violently shake like a chihuahua??  That was me yesterday.

Since my long run became a short run on saturday (due to cold)  I decided to take a second swing at it on Sunday (even though it was still cold). 

So here is a summary of my weekend:

Saturday morning run:  COLD.  came home, shook violently, then took a super long hot shower.  
Got fab haircut.  (this we already know)  
Drove to Rock-Vegas (Rockford) to see my mom and brother, and introduce Waffles.  
Tried to go to dinner to celebrate Matt's B-day, as well as my brothers at the hope and anchor.  Waited two hours to be seated (and mind you, we are in freaking rockford, IL - not downtown Chicago.)  I have never rarely walked out of a restaurant hungrily giving the host the finger, but it had to happen.  Should you be in the Rockford/Loves Park area, first of all i'm sorry, but second of all, don't go to Hope and Anchor if you are crazy like me and expect dinner.
 Obviously, by this point i have been drinking on an empty stomach and was becoming belligerent, so the family went down the street to Buffalo Wild Wings, because i have a cousin that works there, and Matt and my bro love wings.  It was ok.  In general, i am not a fan of wings, or even chicken, but when you are hungry enough you will eat anything.  I got some naked strips, and the mildest sauce they had, because i am a baby.  

Then we went to this dive bar called "Attitudes" that had karaoke, where i proceeded to drink a fair share of vodka/club soda's and sing karaoke (because that is the way to prepare for a long run.)  For the record, i sang Shania Twain "Man, i feel like a woman" and the Eagles "Heartache Tonight".  I massacred both, and a complete stranger bought me a rose, i think as an attempt to shut me up.
Sunday morning we drove back, and i got suited up to go trail running in Palos Hills with my friend Eric.  Eric ran cross country in high school, so he is by nature significantly faster than me, but because he truly likes running, he is really good at slowing down to my pace.  we did 7.5 miles (although it was supposed to an 8 mile loop...perhaps we went through a time warp?)  IT. WAS. HARD.  I love Eric dearly, and would never shout a cruel word at him, but i vaguely remember at on point looking at a giant hill and screaming "Are you F***ing kidding me????"  Yeah.  it was hard.  Especially the first three miles.  Despite how cold it was, i was stripping every thing off, because if felt like we were running 8 minute miles....we were, in fact, running 11 minute miles.  DANG!  how do you trail runners do it??  No wonder they say running hills makes you faster!
During my run, Matt called me three times, and sent a text saying "call me now"  So i started to panic that there was an emergency.  It turns out that the emergency was that he needed Potbellys, STAT.  Seriously??

I went to get him the potbellys, and blasted the heat in my car all the way back from Palos, but i could get warm. I was standing in the potbellys ordering his sandwich, and i just started shaking.  really hard. I actually had someone ask me if i was ok, bc it looked like i was having a seizure.  I was just so cold!  It's like i was covered in ice cold sweat.  Such a terrible feeling.  I hope he enjoyed the damn sandwich.

After i warmed up, i went to my friend Aaron's to eat an amazing pasta dinner and watch "The walking dead"  The the pasta and the company was top-notch
i went to town.
And as for The walking dead - 
I missed you Daryl Dixon....i missed you so much....***

I hope your weekend was more productive than mine, but equally fun!! 

***Consenquently, they make a Daryl Dixon action figure if anyone wants to buy it for me.


  1. Hope you've warmed up by now :) That is a nice but hard trail. Very pretty during the spring/summer/fall. Just watch out for horse poop.

    1. Ha!! I saw some (frozen) horse poo while we were running - luckily i think there was less out there because of the cold (that and it didn't smell, YAY!)

  2. What a weekend! you are so hardcore I swear.

    Also, I need potbelly right now, why aren't you answering my texts/calls/gchat messages. BRING IT TO ME NOW.

    1. Maybe i could have a potbelly's delivery service as a part time job!!

  3. What the eff is up with that restaurant? In freaking Rockford?! Lame!

    It seems like as soon as you finish a long run in the cold you have to jump in the shower! That is the only way to survive! Not by stopping at Potbellys, lol.

    We watched the first episode of The Walking Dead this weekend. I thought it was slow, so I hope it gets better! So many people like it, so it must!

    1. Rockford, who does it think it is. Walking Dead has definitely been way to slow lately, but i have high hopes that it is about to pick up again!

  4. I am also not a fan of Buffalo Wild Wings and everyone thinks I'm crazy! In my opinion, their mild sauce is the same as a normal "medium" sauce. In fact there is no spice difference between the mild and medium. I don't go there unless I absolutely have to. I'm glad I'm not the only one! :)

  5. I know! granted i was so hungry i would have eaten ANYTHING. but still not even on my top ten choices.... :)