Monday, February 27, 2012

I've got a fever...

and it's called spring fever.

-completely grouchy that it's still cold
-wearing shorts and flip flops around the house
-looking at bikinis i could never pull off online
-dusting off all the sunglasses
-cleaned out closet to get rid of clothes that have holes (and to make room for new clothes)
-intense need to purge the apartment of anything unnecessary
-sudden awareness of how gross my feet and skin have become.

Yeah, it's full-fledged spring fever.  I just want to run around in the sun wearing only a light sweater, and no giant coat!

I can assure you though, it is definitely not spring yet.
Saturday morning i went on a lovely 15 mile stroll with my CARA group.  It went much better this week (for me anyway)  Now that i broke through that mental block, 15-16 miles doesn't seem so bad.  Although i guarantee you i will drop dead at even the thought of 18.  I just know it.  It was a chilly one Saturday morning, but mostly on account of the wind!  When the wind was blowing in your face, i felt like 10 degrees, so i brought a scarf.  However when the wind wasn't in your face, it was actually sunny and pleasant, so i overheated quickly and would have to start stripping.  I ended up taking the scarf off and wearing it as a gypsy belt for the second half of my run.  Because i am stylish.

Its so weird to see myself after 15 miles both standing AND smiling, especially after last week.  I actually thought about doing a couple more miles on my own, but this week we had two people in our tiny pace group have to quit the program because of stress fractures.  One girl even tried to run saturday and had to quit in tears. 

I am now living in constant fear of an injury, because if i had to quit now, i would be devastated.  Its a super important reminder not to push too hard, and not to over do it on mileage.  Seriously, take care of yourself first.  (i am saying this mostly because i need to hear it.)

I did actually experience my first injury of the season this week.  I was on the couch cuddling with the pup, when i had a very sudden sneeze, and i pulled a muscle in my back.  I seriously hurt my back sneezing.  Why do people even talk to me??  The silver lining of this is that it forced me to take a break, lay down, and catch up on sleep and relaxation.  I ended up watching the "Spirit of the Marathon" movie that Maggie recommended, and really like it!  It was kinda crazy to watch Deena Kastor- she is SO freaking fast.  Its hard to watch someone run so efficiently when you know that you yourself are on the bottom half of mediocre.
I also convinced Matt to take me out on a super fancy date Sunday night.  We have been in a bit of a puppy rut, and haven't been going out at all.  I am also in somewhat of a drifit rut, and have been dressing like a downright slob.  We got all fancied up and went to Sola in Lakeview.  It was DELICIOUS.  We go oysters AND scallops, so i am basically a spoiled brat.  The martini even helped me forget about my back hurting!  It was just nice to dress up, and eat a meal with out a puppy crying about the fact that she isn't sharing the meal!


  1. I need spring to get here too! great job on the 15 miles! the very thought of that makes me pass out.

    Thank you for posting that about the injury! it's always a good reminder to stay on track and not push yourself too hard to avoid injuries.

    also you look FAB. i of course had to click on the picture to make it really big on my screen. I made it the background picture on everyone's computer screen at work!

    1. I sure hope the guy that sits next to is enjoying my face while he eats a dozen hard boiled eggs!

  2. LOL, I hope Kelsey is serious about the background picture :)

    How awesome that your 15 miler left you feeling so fab! Not cool about people dropping due to stress fractures. That IS a good reminder to stick to your plan and not overdo it. Ugh. They must have been super bummed.

    I hope your back feels better now!

    1. My back is definitely on the mend, and luckily it doesn't bother me at all running, just bending over! And i think i would seriously lock myself in my room and cry and eat ice cream if i ended up with a stress fracture. So awful :(

  3. Yay for a great long run!! And it's always good to be reminded to listen to our bodies.

    I threw out my back getting up off the toilet once. Yeah. I'm awesome.

  4. I agree with you!!! COME ON SPRING! Maybe when spring comes, my running fever will come back as well. Let's hope!

    1. I know, i feel like wearing shorts outside to run in would be the ultimate running motivator right now!!

  5. I'm glad you liked Spirit of the Marathon! Did you cry?

    1. i didn't cry, but i was definitely choked up. My favorite was the older man with the "are we in kansas" shirt. I loved him!!