Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's totally awesome if you fall

First and foremost, It is Matt's birthday today!!

Happy Birthday Matt!!!  Even though you only read my blog when you have absolutely nothing better to do, i just wanted to thank you for being an awesome coach, boyfriend, photographer, trainer, cheerleader, on-site coordinator, nutritionist, motivator, and training buddy!
We are going to run a lot of awesome races together this year, and i plan to chick you in the last quarter mile of every single one of them.  <3

Also, guess which stubby stems ran 4 miles at a sub 9 minute pace last night?
Thats right!
I owe it all to remembering my ipod today, so thank you brain, for not totally failing like usual.  That and playing the dog days are over by florence and the machine like 7 times in a row....super normal, right?

I also went to hot yoga last night, because it was just time- everything was starting to feel tight, and that is because i have no patience for properly stretching. I went to Tula Yoga again, and i seriously love that place.  The instructor was the same one i had last time, and i think she is awesome.  She really wants you to gain enlightenment from the class, and i always leave feeling emotionally better, despite all my best efforts not too.  I always end up being the non-serious cheeseball of any yoga class.  Maybe it's because i show up dressed as a dinosaur....

Or maybe because i spend half the class in childs pose because i constanly fall out of every position.  And when i fall, i don't just "lose the pose"  I tumble to the flipping ground.  I am that loud thud that disturbs your meditation during crow pose.  Hi.  

She had us do tree pose for a while (which is basically standing on one leg)  and of course i lost my balance, and the instructor actually said "don't worry if you fall, falling is totally awesome."  Is it?  Is it really totally awesome if i fall over in class?  repeatedly?  Maybe it's awesome for you......

A few points of interest:
This same yoga studio is have a "yoga for runners" seminar on Sat. Feb 15th.   Check it out.  I have actually taken classes with this instructor at another studio and she is awesome.  Anyone interested?     Tula Yoga Events

Matty McBirthday boy sent me this article mentioning Dean Karnazes yesterday. I already knew he was basically a super hero walking among us, but its a funny article about this extreme distance runner, written by a non-runner.  (I also find this Wim Hof pretty bad-ass!)


  1. Best dinosaur hoodie EVER. I am jealous. I want one.

    I just bought a Groupon for a month of unlimited classes with core power yoga, so I'll be going as much as I can to stretch out those evil tight hips too.

    Happy birthday Matt!!

    1. It was super easy to make, you just need a glue gun and a bottle of wine!!

  2. CONGRATS on your fast 4 mile run! jeal!

    happy birthday matt!! That means a lot coming from me to him, I know it does.

    1. He just broke down in tears when i told him you wished him a happy birthday, i guess it does mean a lot!

  3. Happy birthday Matt! Also great article. I'm totally jealous of the possibility of running indefinitely.

    Also remember, if you want to try more trail running - falling is what makes it fun! ;)

    1. Thank god i suck at running and EXCEL at falling! A trail runner is born!

  4. Happy Birthday Matt!

    Holy schnit I must have that jacket! From where is it?!!!

    WTG on the sub 9:00 4 miler!!! Schweet!!!

    Geez, Dean is super human. I have never even heard of that CPK #. And he has extra blood? Jeesh!

    1. Can you believe i made it with felt and hot glue??

      And seriously dean karnazes, a crazy low CPK# AND extra blood? Leave something for the rest of us!