Saturday, February 11, 2012

A (F***ing Freezing) run for Sherry!

Well mother nature, you lose again.
As i mentioned in my last post, i had convinced my running group to do the virtual run for Sherry this morning.  And i also mentioned a storm was brewin.  To prepare for what would be a hard run, i spent the night at Boiler Room eating pizza, drinking beer, and taking shots of whiskey.  Obviously, i am fully committed to training.
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Well, the snow ended up being an inch or two, so nothing to really think twice about, however a brutal cold front set in.  I say brutal because i have been spoiled on nice weather all winter, so this has really been our first sub zero day this winter (which is weird for Chicago...)  The wind chill at 6am this morning was hovering at 10 below zero (awesome) so i literally put on every clean article of clothing i had.  Two pairs on compression socks, the pivot compression shorts, my one pair of pants, one tank top, three long sleeve shirts, a short sleeve shirt, the lululemon jacket, gloves, hat and scarf.  

Then i ate my luna bar, and got on facebook to see that the run had been cancelled because of the extreme cold.  HA!  This is Chicago, we are immune to both cold and rationality.  I drove down to the meet up spot to see if anyone was there.  There were a handful of people, and two girls from my 10:30 pace group.  We decided that since we were there, we might as well do a shorter run.  (it was supposed to be 7-10 miles, but we did 4)  This actually works out well, because i am doing a 8.5 mile trail run with Eric tomorrow.  I love it when the universe aligns!

Part of me wants to act like a badass and say the i ended up stripping off half the layers and then going out for frozen yogurt afterwards, but it was seriously really cold.  I still feel cold.  We were running a 10:20 pace, which is normally easy breezy for me, but i was struggling really hard to breathe, and around mile 3, i really missed my inhaler.  I think 4 miles was the perfect distance, because that was about when the cold started to catch up to me.  
 Hopefully other people running for Sherry had some more temperate weather, and hopefully Sherry herself had a sunny 60 degree day on the big bike-free running path in the sky.

In other news, after i got home and laid on the couch shivering for an hour, i decided to walk (bc i want to be outside in this beautiful weather as much as possible...)down to Babs & babs to finally get my hair cut.  I love this place.  The price is great, and i am always super pleased with the hair cut.  And they give you PBR while you are getting your hair cut.  <3

I tried to photograph it via photobooth, but waffles photobombed my picture by jumping up and sticking her tongue in my mouth.
so, so gross....

So i tried to take one with my camera instead:
but matt was feeling extra creepy
I. give. up.

I have to finish some cleaning, and then Matt and i are heading to rock vegas for the night for some drinking, karaoke, and a wing eating throwdown between Matt and my brother.

With that, i leave you with some inspiration for this weekend, because it's cold out there, and a little motivation never hurt anyone!


  1. you are so hardcore.

    you're hair looks pwetty! but matt's looks better.

    I love the way you make your bed!

    1. I know, Matt rocks a receding hair line like no other! (and not only is the bed unmade, but there is also a pile of laundry on it.

  2. Girl you are crazy! Kelsey and I ventured out into the cold for a movie and lunch and it was hard enough to breathe while WALKING. Good for you!

    PS - I love your last picture. So funny. Although really it should be a photo of me....everyone laps me. I'm sure of it.

    1. Oh my god, we should run really slow miles around people, like so slow that people become confused as to whether or not they are in a black hole.... Please tell me you went and saw the vow?

  3. I am happy some people still showed up! I could not get warm after my run on Saturday either. And my face is still burned from the sun/wind!

    I doubt too many people are lapping you!