Thursday, May 24, 2012

i got problems.

1. There is either a man using the women's room at work, or a very confused woman....
I am all for equal rights, but if a man is going to use our bathroom, at least put the seat down.  This is why we have separate bathrooms in the first place.

2. Matt's mom gave us what we thought was a wine aerator she bought by mistake. I am totally on board for making my $10 bottle of wine taste like a $20 bottle of wine.  Only it turns out it is just a glorified pourer/stopper.  I'm sorry, but in what world do i ever need to reseal a bottle of wine?

Plus, i drink straight from the bottle.

3.  I don't know how this happened, but waffles is already 6 months old.  That means i need to break the bank to get her spayed, as well has have an umbilical hernia removed.  

For the future, dog's don't have belly buttons.  Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

4.  My hunger has returned. And it's ugly.  It hit me when i was in traffic yesterday.  All of a sudden, out of no where, i was so hungry i thought i might die in my car before i made it to some kind of food.  Let me tell you, that's an intense fear.  I ended up running in the door, and literally shoving tortilla chips in my mouth Betty Draper style.  I can't wait to go to work and destroy that cookie butter.....

Anchorman II is really happening.  Only now i have to wait for it.  DAMMIT!  I love that movie so much it hurts.  
Even for as much pain and suffering i was in at mile 25 on sunday, i managed to croak "It's so damn hot out....milk was a bad choice."  Too bad no one laughed....
6. I got into a discussion at work the other day in which i made the point that sea monkeys aren't real, and are only a pretend pet, much like flea circus's.  Only it turns out sea monkeys ARE real, and i am borderline stupid.  They have to stop letting me talk to people at work.  It's only hurting my reputation.

I'm still not getting them for my desk, though.

7.  I have seriously wasted an hour of my like looking up anchorman animated gif's.  How did this happen?  I really don't have this kind of time to spare.  And for no reason at all, i am throwing this your way.
It has nothing to do with anchorman, and i am not even sure how i got to it, but i am a sucker for dogs with subpar golfing abilities and cute hats.

8.  When i was home this weekend, i realized that my moms cats are every bit as fat as Meow, and i got super mad at her for supplying them with unlimited food.  
I just want to kidnap poor snickers and go all Jillian Micheals on her ass.

9.  It's supposed to be near 90 degrees with 30mph winds tonight for my run.  I know i can survive it obviously, but i am a little worried that once i get out there in that steamy wind tunnel, i am going to have a vietnam style flashback.  If you see a half naked girl running on the north branch trail, looking for an aid station, mumbling about powerade needing to return to the 90's, please call Matt.  Or take pictures.
10. Soldier Field 10-miler is this weekend!  Only according to Cary, the shirts are yellow.  YELLOW???  COME ONNNNNN!  I look so bad in yellow, it's criminal.  It is just not a good color for my ginger skin tone.  Who chooses the colors for race shirts anyway?  If i ever find a race with a hot pink shirt, i am running it. Even if it's a 90 degree marathon.  Maybe i should learn to choose my battles......


  1. I love everything about this post. But I especially love that you quoted Anchorman at mile 25 of a marathon and it was the perfect quote.

  2. Awee good luck with that belly button removal hahaha

  3. As always FWP cheer me right up.

    Wishing I was running the 10 miler with you! Instead the 60.00 is going down the drain. Gr8!

  4. Haha!

    And yes, shirts are yellow. I'm doing this run also!
    Love the dog and his super golfing abilities!

  5. Your problems always make me happy. That seems not right, somehow :P

  6. When I clean the potties at work I leave the seats up for whatever chemical I used to drip off. So someone doesn't sit on a wet seat. It does gross out some of my coworkers having the seat up.

    My household is pretty freakin excited about Anchorman 2, too.

  7. yellow? I don't think many people look good in yellow

  8. My dog had one of those hernia things too that had to be removed. She is seriously the most expensive dog ever. I think we have had 3 runs to the pet ER at 2:00 am with her. Love her to pieces though!

  9. Great posting, usual!

    It's got bits of real panther in it, so you know it's good......

    You stay classy, Gingerfoxx....

  10. BTW, have a great time at the SF10, in spite of the yellow shirt!

  11. Shouldn't #9 also say to pause your Garmin? Have you learned nothing?! :) Hope you had a good race.