Friday, May 11, 2012

It's Friday, Friday!

Today's fun facts are all about all the possible ways i can end up out of commission before next week, because i am sick right now, and its making me crazy.

(**It's important to mention that 1. I'm fine, seriously.  Its just a head cold, but i feel the need to be very dramatic about it.  2.  I am not a doctor, so i am basically making any medical knowledge up - If you do ever want some sound advice go check out RunnerNurse.)

So as i mentioned, i am sick.  I have the old sneezy, running nose, scratchy throat ailment going on.  So for fun, i went to Web MD to self diagnose myself with all the different things that might ruin my marathon.  :)

1. The Mumps.  My glands are swollen (which normally happens for me with any throat ailment) But there is the small chance that i could have the mumps right now.  That's impossible you say! We were all vaccinated for the mumps!  Wellllllll, i wasn't  and i have no idea why.  My mom just never ended up getting all the vaccinations.  In fact, paperwork was actually forged to get me into college, for reasons i will never understand (It is not a religious reason)  I just think my mom wanted to challenge us.  Like hey - on top of everything - try to survive the mumps sometime in your future.  <evil laugh>
2. Coxsackie Virus.  I have a sore on my tongue.  It is most likely from eating scalding hot soup, but why rule anything out.  This usually affects people under 10, but it's marathon week, and crazy things can happen.  

3. Catch Scratch Fever.  It's really a disease, not just a Ted Nugent song.  I haven't actually been attacked or scratched by a car recently (or ever i think) but one did give me a dirty look this week, and i swear, he was scratching my soul.
4. West Nile Virus.  I totally have a mosquito bite right nowwwwww!!!!!  And i run around a LAGOON!  I have all the symptoms....sore throat, joint pain, confusion.  It's over guys.  OVER.

5.  Sjogren's Syndrome.  It's an incredibly rare autoimmune disorder, but one of the symptoms is a sore throat.  I need to cover all my bases.

6.  Exercise or physical activity.  I just thought it was really funny that this was on webmd.  It looks like we're all sick folks.  

8. Rabies.  Waffles has gone from trying to steal food out of my hand to trying to steal food out of my mouth as i chew it.  She has had a rabies vaccine, but maybe she is some kind of carrier, like that monkey in outbreak.
9. What the hell, as long as i am going crazy here, maybe its the ebola virus itself.  You never know with these things.
10. And finally, WebMD did throw in the common cold, just for the heck of it.  Treatment: Rest, Fluids, and stop looking at WebMd.  And with that, i am off.  Have a great weekend folks, and tell your mom's you love them! (and thank them for vaccinating you for mumps, seriously.)

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  1. I'm going with Cat Scratch Fever.

  2. Girl, EVERYONE gets sick during the taper. You were supposed to up your Vitamin C intake to the level just beneath poisoning yourself with Vitamin C toxicity. :o)

  3. Rabies! hahaha you are cracking me up. This is perfect for you:

  4. YIKES! I guess I'm going to die of fitness!

  5. blame little Waffles......after all, didn't she hack your Twitter account? That little doggie is dangerous!

    In all seriousness (if that's possible!), Sara, hope you feel better soon!

  6. I think there's a slight chance it may be all of the above! I'm praying for you! ;)

  7. ARe you sure it isn't foot in mouth disease? I have a horrible case of it 99% of the time.

  8. You have officially entered the "crazy, nut-so, wack-o" portion of the "taper tantrums". :-)

  9. Wow, if that's you Mumpy I'm official jealous of you! PS. love the rabies picture - lol