Monday, November 14, 2011

Celebrity Post?

Yes, in fact I am a celebrity and I am making my first guest blog appearance (although I am not a ginger so is this legit since this I am writing on rungingerfoxxrun??). can call me Matt, or in lemans terms Sara's special man-friend.  I'm sure you saw that we ran the 10mi/10k last weekend?  Oh boy was that my first test of being able to run, not to mention the longest period of time I've competitively ran without stopping.  I recall the last time running 6 miles with Sara, and it included me with my shirt off exposing my poof of Tom Selleck chest hair whilst stopping every mile or so.  Needless to say I was quite out of shape back in the day (back in the day refers to about 6 months or so ago in my book).

"Hello?  Yes I'll take the usual...5 women to meticulously comb my enormous mustache." 

So getting on to how I trained for this thing?  It honestly wasn't that bad...and that's coming from a chap that works constantly and has to deal with a whole lotta woman when he arrives at the penthouse after work.  But seriously, it wasn't terrible...just set aside 8-10 miles a week on average and get a long run in before you do the 10k.  I ran a 5.5 miler the Monday before the race and was doing quite well after a weekend of resting my sore IT band injury.  I couldn't see any reason why someone who isn't a fitness nerd wouldn't be able to run one of those.  My biggest challenge to anyone though who would be considered "normal" (I mean c'mon who isn't fucking normal these days?) has to be to ditch the drinking.  I KNOW I KNOW...who the hell do I think I am telling you this nonsense?  But it's ditch the drinking and you really get a boost on your training for those running events.

See?  Nothing really to the whole running gig...just wear some ridiculous training gear and ditch booze.  SOUNDS GREAT RIGHT???

Fuck it, just go shoe-less to gain that extra .3 seconds off your time.

I know this is a runner's blog but I can't talk about that crap ALL the time.  Since I'm sure all of you were worried about how I recovered from such a monumental feat I say this...I drank most of the weekend and found a place for brunch that served not one but THREE eggs benedict on one in plate in one sitting.  I wanted to talk about how badass I am for finishing that beast of a meal post-run but I only finished it to about the 90% mark.  Go ahead and hate if you want, it was delicious and put me into a 5 minute food coma of sorts.

What to do now though?  Do I keep running over the winter or do I just saw screw that and get fat hoping that training in the Spring won't be any worse than the training I just underwent?  I swear to god if you want me to just drink I'll do it...just for you.  I think that I will honestly try and keep myself at 3 mile runs 3 times a week or something of that nature.  I don't want to just get sick of running when I have nothing to train for, but I don't want to rid of running all together over this cold and dreary season (did I mention we're supposed to have mega-storms here in Chi-town this winter?).

I do know that I'll be playing some Elder Scrolls:  Skyrim for quite awhile...just picked that shit up last Friday and won't be putting it down 'till the lady person of the house tells me I'm fat, disgusting and smell of take-out Chinese food.  It's one hell of a game though, HUGE new map and tons of stuff I can try and fight even if I literally get raped in 2 seconds by a mountain giant that decides to pummel me with an 18' wooden club.  Sara can't love this new lifestyle she's going to have to live with for the winter since she's used to me watching movies and TV sitcoms with her...but hey at least I get to use the Man Cave for the first proper time since we have moved in together.  YEAAAAAA BUDDY.

Also a new addition to the apartment before I let you go.....Crantini's have made it into the booze-book for Sara and I.  I'm a sucker for anything containing a fruit mixture.  I mean hell I was once at a restaurant with Sara where we ordered a Cucumber Martini and a Dirty Martini...and guess who ordered the Cucumber one?  Yeah it was me, AND the waiter totally gave it to Sara so I had to switch them without the public knowing I was considered a social "schoolboy bitch."
Distilled 114 times with 100% testosterone.
Well folks, I can't really think of anything else to say that wouldn't be too random...I'm sure I'll be back for another blog here and there.  Hope you enjoyed the ridiculousness of all this jabbering I happened to scramble into words.  Until next time.



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