Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where the sidewalk ends

I'm judging you.
This just makes sense today.  This bird is angry, and so am i.  Some days, my job just pisses me off.  I went for a run on my lunch break, outside.  Why the heck didn't i think of this sooner?  although during the summer it was so hot at noon i would have been a sweaty nightmare afterwards.  I work next to a richie rich neighborhood, so its pleasant scenery.  There is just one part where there is no sidewalk for a block, and i have to run along the street that rich people are speeding down in their Lexus SUV's  I never quite understand when the sidewalk stops in front of one person's house.  What do these people have against sidewalks?  Are they trying to be non conformists??  By not having a sidewalk, it is just encouraging me to trample through your yard and destroy your garden, because i am THAT guy.  Whatever you are trying to accomplish, it's not working.
Like that's going to stop me.
We have an abundance of butternut squash at home, and i am desperately trying to find uses for them other than an awkwardly shaped bookend, fall decoration, and jumbo paperweight.  Matt found Butternut squash mac and cheese, but there are SO many recipes!  Who do i trust?  Martha Stewart?  Rachel Ray?  And why do both these bitches expect me to hand-grate cheese??  COME ON.  Saving the world through design, running marathons, writing a SUPER popular blog, ANDDDDD hand-grating cheese?  It's just too much!!
you bitch.
That's what it's supposed to look like, so i will take a pic for a side by side comparison when i make it.  And, if it doesn't suck, i will share the recipe!

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