Friday, November 18, 2011


You make my dreams come true.
This has been a long, strange week.  its also been a week with very little running.  I am dealing with a little residual guilt of letting my job totally take over my life the past two weeks.  I have been a terrible girlfriend (all i want to do is sleep when i come home), a terrible friend (i have turned my friends down repeatedly the past two weeks....people are going to stop inviting me places!), a terrible runner (How does that gosh darn Skinny Runner find the time???), and even a terrible driver (sometimes i cry in my car after work)  

SO, because i have faith that things are slowly getting better (and that i am earning major brownie points by working my butt off)  Here is a list of good things, so that i don't sound like a total debbie downer.

1.  It's bagel day.  and he was delicious.
2.  I am going to visit some friends from college this weekend.  That means i get to binge drink at 7am and dress up like a dinosaur!
3.  I have one race left this year - next saturday a turket trot half marathon.  I want to run it under 2:00, but even if it takes me 2 days, at least i am doing it?
4.  I went to hot yoga last night, and rachel came too!!
5.  After yoga, we went to the bar across the street.  in our yoga gear.  to drink vodka.
6.  I semi-drunkenly made the mac and cheese again late last night for a potluck today....I hope everyone likes it!
7.  NEXT WEEK IS THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My meeting ended up being pushed back until today, which blows, but gives me a second chance to dress to impress.  Today, i upped the ante with a BLAZER!!

Looking like boss TAKE TWO!

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