Tuesday, November 22, 2011

i'm aliveeee.....

but just barely.  And i am officially going to die at the half marathon this weekend.  I plan to run on my lunch today, but it has been 7 freaking days since i have run.  I am debating going full blown disaster mode for the half marathon.  Get drunk the night before, eat cold pizza for breakfast, wear the wrong shoes, etc, and just see what happens.  :)

Part of the reason i took a week off is that i have been feeling terrible!  Constant achey/gross feeling.  I have been slamming back emergen-C's, but to no avail.  I even stayed home from work yesterday and spent all day in bed whimpering.  yikes!  I really just want to feel better for thanksgiving, because it is one of my favorite holidays!

The other reason i have completely given up on my running schedule for a week is breakfast club!  I assure you, it is not the John Hughes version.  Right after work on Friday, i jumped in my car and drove straight down to Purdue University to visit my dearest friend Ashley.  The plan was to take it easy friday night, and then wake up balls early, dress up in a costume, and start binge drinking at 6:30am.  

I should clarify - Purdue University is the one college that celebrates BREAKFAST CLUB.  For every Purdue football home game, all the bars open up at 7am, and the students have to wear costumes to get in.    Our group decided to go as dinosaurs
Its 6am, and i'm not running, i'm a dinosaur drinking champagne.
The Dino costumes were cute, and nice and warm for the walk to the bars.  
I'm a dino with scoliosis because my spine is crooked.
Being away from college has kept me out of the booze circle, so i was introduced to a wonderful and amazing new product called CAKE VODKA.
These are tears of happiness, not drunkeness....
SO GOOD.  I had mine mixed with pineapple juice and it was PHENOM.  I liked it so much, i went home and bought a bottle.  That and it was on sale, and i can't resist a sale.  

After breakfast club, we got pizza and stumbled home to have a toddlers and tiara's marathon.  I was supposed to get a long run in on Sunday, but by the time i got back home to Chicago, i felt like i was dying.  Apparently, your ability to binge drink and bounce back slowly deteriorates with age, just like my mind.  That was the start of my descent into a bed-ridden old crippled lady.  Which brings me to today.  

I am going to die on Saturday.  

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