Monday, November 7, 2011

When good runs go bad.

I finally broke my lazy spell!  It had been two weeks since i had done a double digit run, and the more time i spent not running, the more i wanted to continue not running.  The cold air has been getting to me, and i have been wheezing alot for every single run.  I might see if i can get an inhaler to help me breathe better.  Not that i am a giant nerd or anything.
Finally moving my butt before it gets too big to move.
The day started out perfectly because i got an extra hour of sleep thanks to daylight savings time!  I woke up at 9, but really it was like waking up at 10.  However, Matt then slept until noon, so i was on my own. I dicked around and made coffee and ate my luna bar.  I am a total creature of habit, and i eat a luna bar an hour before every long run.  It's my thing.  However, i ended up watching an episode of "American Horror Story"  while eating my luna bar, and HOLY HELL THAT SHOW IS SCARY.  I was so so scared i started annoying Matt to wake up.  Once Matt was up, he demaned a M-egg-awich.   Its basically an egg sandwich with two eggs and two pieces of cheese.  Being the good girlfriend, i obliged and made him the meggawich.  Then i cleaned the kitchen.  Then i did some laundry.  Then i scrubbed the shower tiles.  I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I DID ANY OF THIS.  I just went into cleaning frenzy mode.  Then i insulated all our windows for winter with that plastic wrap stuff.  Finally, at about 2:30, i left the house to run.  

We had a wind advisory, so i went to the wooded path near my work.  
The first 7-8 miles of the run went great.  I started out a little fast even, and had to force myself into a slower pace.  The temperature was perfect, about 58 degrees with no sun.  I even wound up rolling my pants up into capris to get a little ankle breeze, and look even nerdier, if possible.  I stopped at mile 7, ate my two little shot blocks, and decided that i should run like 11-12 miles, because i felt GREAT!.  Then my stomach started to rumble.  it was a weird rumble that i was unfamiliar with.  Then it hit me.  The last time i ate was 6 hours ago, and it was a luna bar.  FAIL.  I was starving.  Like, would have killed and eaten a deer if it had crossed my path starving.  I kept running, hoping the two miniscule shot blocks might dent the hunger, but by mile 8.5, my body just quit.  I have never felt like that in my life.  Walking was hard.  I could not get my legs to work.  That whole one foot in front of the other thing?  BULLSHIT.  I made it to nine miles and turned the garmin off.  I had one mile until i reached my car, so i managed to run/walk/hobble for what seemed like hours.  Every part of my body just hurt and hated me, and i hated my body right back.  HOW DOES A RUN GO SO WRONG SO FAST???

I made it home and whined next to Matt, who had not even moved since i had left.  I managed to hobble to the shower, which was SPARKLING CLEAN, by the way.  I started to feel better, although kinda sick to my stomach.  ENTER CHAMPAGNE.  
What CAN'T you fix??
Despite everything, i am really glad i ran.  I also learned a valuable lesson about EATING!  For me personally, you have to FUEL!    Food = runs that don't totally suck.

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