Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So i ran today.

Through the parking lot.  In heels.  And then through the lobby.  And then up the stairs.  And then down the stairs.  And then into the VP's office, for the conference call.  i was late for.  Despite leaving my house at 7:15.  COME ON CHICAGO!!!!!!

I actually do intend to run more than that today.  Its actually beautiful and sunny out, so part of me whats to find a way to sneak out early or SOMETHING just so i can go for a run.  There's always the old treadmill at lunch, but it's just so lame when compared to running outside on what will probably be the last 60 degree day we have in like 6 months.  

I also registered to run the "Flying Pig Half Marathon" in Cincinnati next spring.  We go to Cincy to visit Matt's parents, and they told me about this run, which is apparently huge.  AND, you can dress like a pig. WIN.  It's a little on the pricey side, but i hear it's a good time.  
Where did they get this picture of me running??
So the drama at my work has increased infinitely.  My boss that up and left?  Now my boyfriends boss.  So that's healthy.  But more importantly, the most impactful thing that happened yesterday?  Kim Kardashian is getting a divorce.
Look at his face.  He is as straight as i am fast......
Kim and gay-face only made it 72 days.  Way to be a role model.  No wonder those obama girls can't watch your show!
Me too.
Must run today......must run today...........MUST....RUN.....TOD-eeeeehhhhhhhhhskjhdfdkjghsfghsg.......

Edited to add: i did manage to squeeze a run in on my lunch break.  Nothing like taking out my displaced rage on the poor treadmill in the basement.  I ran three miles on my lunch break, and i might run a few more with Matt after work.  Candy consumption today = almost justified!

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