Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I am having some very serious time management issues lately.  I can't seem to handle working, running, and surviving.  In fact, the only one getting done is working.  I desperately need to run TODAY as i skipped my run yesterday because of freezing rain and general icky feeling.  I have to fly to phoenix this afternoon for work, so here are my options.  

1.  Squeeze in a run when i go home to pack and head to the airport (yeah, i STILL haven't packed...)
2.  Use the treadmill at my hotel tonight
3.  Run through the foreign streets of phoenix in the dark tonight
4.  Run laps at O'hare while waiting for my flight.

The treadmill seems to be the most reasonable option, but knowing myself, I will probably come close to missing my flight and get some unexpected speedwork in. 

The reason work has been so awful this week is because i have been doing research.  Yesterday i spent 12 hours at Target listening to people and trying to prevent myself from buying things.  The most exciting part of the day was discovering this:

THAT just happened.

I am never wearing clothes to work AGAIN!!!

I hope to catch up with blogging this week during my many layovers.  Also, i have a 10 mile race this weekend, so i am sure THAT's gonna go great....

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