Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How rude.

How Rude!
Homeless people are OUT OF CONTROL IN THIS CITY.

I take the highway every day of my sad, sad life, and the panhandlers have gone from an annoyance to a full out threat.  There is a homeless man who repeatedly will stand uncomfortably close to my car staring at me when i refuse to give him anything.  He is trying to scare me into helping him.  I am not a bad person, but by "trying to scare"  you are just "pissing me off"  I'm NOT scared of you, because its the middle of the day, and their are other cars around me.  So, rather than stare back at him like i normally do, today i decided to take a picture of him.
Not only am i not afraid of you, i am so not afraid of you that i am taking your picture.  
I am about to go vigilante on the city of Chicago.

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