Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I haven't killed anyone today.

yet.  And that is my accomplishment for the day.  Patting self on back now.  I went home last night and ended up running three  more miles with Matt.  It was unpleasant.  I actually felt ok, although a little tired and overdressed for the temperature, but Matt had a terrible run, and it made me feel bad.  He hadn't run since Saturday, and had been drinking and lounging all weekend with me.  He also has been having knee pain.  BOYS.  We were going to run 4, but made it three instead.  He even wound up yelling at me about needing to stop, which i sympathized with.  I have been there.  Bad runs make me want to kill people.

Work has been really really bad lately with my crazy boss quitting, so i have been finding excuses to do work outside of the office so i can avoid the crazy.  I went to target yesterday for research for a project, and came face to face with this:
That really happened.
Its a freaking wall of candy corn on clearance.  Seeing as how i have been the only person purchasing candy corn for the past 20 years, it looks like they either over-estimated my consumption for this year, or that i JUST DIDN'T EAT ENOUGH.  Now i know for next year.  
I have a meeting tonight to help organize my charity of choices involvement in next years Chicago Half Marathon, and possibly plan some other events.  My design career seems to be struggling, but it looks like my non-for-profit/event planning career is just getting started.  all i know right know is that there is a bottle of whiskey sitting on my desk, and i am about to go at it Don Draper style.

You thought i was kidding?  Thats cute.

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