Sunday, November 13, 2011

Best of Skymall

For those of you who just don't have time to read skymall during your flight, i am summing it up for you and giving you the top 10 best things you can buy.  You can thank me later for doing your Christmas shopping for you.

10.  Terrifying boot stand
sweet christ its awful....
Am i the only one who lives in fear of creepy animals popping out of her boots?  Get these horrifying adorable boot stands for your best friend.  Or worst enemy.....vwa ha ha!

9.  Magic Showerheads
Its so time consuming to get ready to go out AND actually go out.  Now you can bring the disco dancing into the shower with you and multi-task.  I love multi-tasking.

8.  Fake lawn for your apartment
The photoshop alone makes this a contender
It's SOOOOOO hard to get your animal to pee all over your house....Make it easier with this fake and incredibly confusing patch of astroturf with a fake fire hydrant!  Apparently, it has built in sprinklers as well.  because that makes sense.  It's a steal at only $279.99!  You're welcome.

7.  The sit fit
All my problems? solved.
Obviously the blog will now be changed to "sit fit, Gingerfoxxx, sit fit!!"  Because i am done with this running shit!  Obviously, i can get all my cardio in while sitting at my desk designing crap like the sit fit!  Talk about the circle of life!  Time to sit fit my way to Boston!! $50 to fidget?  bargain.

Weaponry and sweets always go together
I am actually dead serious about this one.  It's an awesome idea.  People can fire marshmallows at my mouth whenever they want.  Its only $25, and i would not be sorry to open this baby up on Christmas morning.

5. Redonk inflatables
Holy shit, he's HUGE.
Now, i hate Christmas for my own reasons, but i frickin love inflatables.  LOVE them.  These 8 foot inflatable deer make even a grinch like me want to sing carols and shotgun cocoa.  Worth every penny of its $300 price tag.

4. Iron-on Hair Crystals
Kesha approves, and so do i.  Need i say more?

3. Funky T-rex hoodie
This is awesome, and i will fight anyone who says differently.

Show your booze you care.
All i could think about when i saw this was the episode of Jersey Shore when Snooki was trying to bring home a giant bottle of wine (like this thing was a 3 gallon bottle) and it broke all over her bag.  Girl shoulda grabbed a sky mall.

1. And the number one sky mall item is:  Tex the Armadillo beer holder! 
I love you.
I never believed in love at first sight until i saw this giant armadillo statue that holds your beer can for you.  I'm from Rockford, IL.  Nothing has ever made so much sense.  EVER.

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