Sunday, November 13, 2011

Goodbye Phoenix

Our time together was so short, but your weather was so beautiful!  Too bad i spent all of my time there in Target!
It took all my willpower not to bring this guy home with me.
I worked until 9 on Thursday, which was lame, but then we went to the strangest and most wonderful bar/eatery in all of Phoenix.  It was called Michael's Cafe.  Its a soul food place that opened up a few months back and had great yelp reviews.  We went, and there was a cover for men only (the only man in our group was our camera guy, and it was only $5, so no biggie)  when we walked in, the had an old fashioned bar that looked like a saloon, a dozen TV's playing football, and a cheesy dance floor to the left with people akwardly dancing to smooth jazz, much like at weddings.  I just COULD NOT get a vibe of what the heck the place was about.  A lot of the patrons were dressed for a night of club dancing as well, so i was beyond confused.  The food was awesome though, and the drinks were 2 for 1!  I am glad we went there, and i will spend years trying to figure it out.  I had a noon flight back to Chicago which apparently got snow while i was gone.  That thought alone was enough to force me for one last warm weather run while i could.
The palest person in Phoenix.  BY FAR.
Again, it was beautiful.  sigh.  I should rethink my midwestern life and move somewhere warm....I ran three miles, and i dont remember my time, i was just running to be outside.  It was also so much easier to breathe there!  I got home around 5:30, to a super messy apartment.  Matt had apparently really enjoyed me being gone, and left dishes everywhere to show it.  He got home at 6, and we went to Navy Pier to pick up our race packets for the perfect 10 race saturday morning.  We also ate some delicious sushi for dinner because i was too tired to cook, and felt sicker than ever.  (i always get sick after travel.  LAME.)  Next up - Race day! 

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