Thursday, January 5, 2012

et tu???

COME ON!!!!!!!!
How is this even legal??? 20 CENTS???

I vaguely remember having a new years resolution to run a marathon or something like that, but now all i can think of is sugar sweet drops of heaven in my mouth for 20 cents a bag.  GOD DAMMIT WALGREENS.

I also came home to find another one of these....

OK, joke is over.  HOW ARE THESE GLAMOUR'S GETTING TO MY HOUSE???  Who is sending them to meeeee????  i have never had a subscription to glamour, but apparently they are sponsoring me for life.   Thanks i guess?

Today was day two of my marathon training, and i opted for the treadmill.  It was a little rough, but i still did it.  All three miles.  On a treadmill in a temperature controlled room.  I am a badass.  

See?? I'm on a treadmill....I must have ran!
The hardest part for me right now is motivation.  I really just dont want to run right now.  As soon as the days get longer and warmer, i will really truly enjoy running again, but right now it kinda blows.  I found myself thinking of a "motivational poster" i saw on the runners world blog.  I actually laughed for like 10 minutes over it, which is not cool when you are sitting at your desk and people are staring at you like you're some kind of creeper.
Seriously, this guy gets me.
In fact, i was so motivated, i made my own motivational poster.  You know, just something to think about once i really start putting in the miles and saying no to the drinks, pizza, and revelry.

ain't that the truth....


  1. My Dad started getting Newsweek magazine and never subscribed to it. I wonder if this is their new promotional strategy. They'll send you 2-3 issues out of the blue, and then send you an invoice to keep receiving their awesome magazine.

    Also I love your motivational poster!!!!!

  2. Love your treadmill pic. Do you have the same problem I have of finding shirts to fit over your ripped arm muscles? It's hard being so muscular. And beautiful.