Tuesday, January 10, 2012

runner, drinker, blogger, spy.

Tonight i went to the fleet feet chicks night fun run on the recommendation of fellow runner and car twin Keren.  It's basically a group of women that meet up at a local running store and go run for varying distances.  Unfortunately, contrary to my own personal belief, sitting on your ass for a month does NOT count as speed training.  Actually, FYI:  it makes you slow and out of shape.  SHOCKER.  Needless to say, my intent was to run 6 miles with keren and the rest of the 9 min mile crowd.  Sadly, best intentions do not run marathons.  or even 6 miles.  I was struggling to keep the pace, so i turned around at 2.5 miles and ran the rest at a more comfortable 10 minute mile.  I will be back for you with a vengeance, 9 min miles....WITH A VENGEANCE!

Of course my inability to keep up caused me to have to find my own way back, and for someone who loses track of where they parked their car on a DAILY basis, that spells trouble.  Luckily, because i am a professional creeper, i followed some ladies for a while and listened to what they were saying in order to try and see if they were part of the chick night.  Luckily they were.  And luckily for them, i am not a serial killer.

It was a nice experience being with other runners, since in the past i have always been a lone wolf.  The pack is nice!  it makes you feel safe, even at night, and pushes you to run faster, because no one wants to be the slowest in the pack.  (they leave that to me! The chick who got chicked by all the other chicks.  but i am chick, so thats ok, right?)  Needless to say, i thought it was awesome, and intend to run it again, provided i didn't embarrass Keren toooooo much with my general slowness, and the fact that i will continue to show up in the same sweater and pants week in and week out, because to date, they are the only cold weather running clothes i own.

I came home to a cranky boyfriend, and made homemade pizza to try and cheer him up, as well as fuel myself for speed training tomorrow morning!
turkey-ronis, ftw!
I am also relaxing (how responsible of me!) and wearing my compressions socks and NOT drinking.  Baby steps.  
I seriously love these compression socks.  They make my legs feel ready to rock in the morning, even if they are zapped the night before.  As i relax, i am watching the "Hell on Wheels" from sunday.  Does anyone watch that show?  It's amazing, and i love the soundtrack as well.  Its about a bunch of raucous cowboy-esque folk trying to build the railroad to the pacific.  I love everything about this show.

*****edited to add, i totally slept through speed training.  Waking up at 5am is going to have to be eased into.  Gingerfoxxx = fail.

***********edited to add further, couldn't remember where i parked my car AGAIN this morning.  WTF??


  1. yay i'm glad you came! and do NOT feel bad, i was the one who felt bad leaving you! 9min miles still feel fast to me but i'm hoping to make them feel a little more comfortable in this training cycle :) i realized i won't be there the next two weeks bc i'm traveling for work (boooooo) but i'll be there ont he 31st!

  2. So jeal you went to Fleet Feet! Sadly I didn't go because I am such a baby in the cold and because my knee is seriously busted right now. I'm such a winner!

    WE had homemade pizza for dinner last night too!

  3. I love group runs! They really do make you faster, plus it gives you someone to talk about running with, because if your boyfriend is anything like my husband, he is SICK of hearing you talk about running all. the. time. PS I slept in my compression socks last night! I think the shoes I ran in last night need to be retired.

  4. Keren - that actually works to my advantage!! maybe i will be nice and speedy when you return! :D

  5. Kelsey - its like we're sisters from another mister! My knee has been bothering me too, although its getting much better. It made me miss speed practice this morning though because it was hurting me and being stupid. My new shoes are helping tons though!

  6. Maggie - I love them too!! so much more motivating than being a lone wolf. I slept in my compression socks as well, but i woke up in the middle of the night and took them off because i felt like it was 100 degrees wearing them!!

  7. What is the benefit of compression socks?? Do I need to get a pair? Neon color of course.

  8. They are basically really tight socks that help increase blood flow to the muscles. I find if i wear them after a hard run, or when i increase miles or speed, etc, that i am not so sore the next day. Some people wear them when they run too, but i haven't as of yet

  9. Totes need some of those. About to drop some serious $$$ at Fleet Feet this weekend. Luckily I'm super rich from working at a nonprofit.

  10. haha i slept in mine too and woke up in the middle of the night and took them off! i have run in them when the weather is really cold as another layer and becasue they feel nice and totally make you a more hardcore runner. for sure.

  11. If that pizza did not cheer up your boyfriend, you can feel free to make me homemade pizza and I will be so cheerful I'll do a freaking CHEER for you. Mmk?

    1. Feel free to cash in this coupon for a homemade pizza anytime. Also, i finally got the reply option to work on my blog! YAY ME!