Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow-watch, 2012

I. AM. CRANKY! and hereby declare WAR on the entire WORLD!
Yesterday just went all wrong.  ALL kinds of wrong.  I left work early because i felt incredibly nauseous.  I then dry heaved in my car as i cruised down the edens.  Then i got home and realized i was supposed to do something by end of day wednesday at work (crap!)  Then i realized i was feverish, and also had a rash all over one leg.  (this actually not terrifying, as i have many random allergies.  Like asparagus.  who on the planet is allergic to asparagus other than me?)  Then i napped and ate chicken soup (not so bad, actually) Then i decided to go meet up with CARA midweek run group, despite Matt's recommendations not too.  That entailed driving across town in rushhour traffic to find them, which takes about 40 minutes. And, low and behold, I COULDN'T FIND THEM.  anywhere.  It was pitch black, and i wandered all over the "vague area the packet mentioned they would be" and i couldn't find them.  In fact, i couldn't find anyone!!  It was the loneliest and scariest place i have ever been, with the exception of rape alley.
Not that i frequently visit rape alley
So obviously i wasn't going to run there by myself, my spidey sense told me "Girrrrrrl, get the hell out of there".  So i did.  And on the way home, i got a red light ticket!!  (i think) And then wrote a sassy letter to the CARA run organizer for her obvious attempt at murdering me.  (it really wasn't that sassy, it was more asking what i did wrong.)   GOD DANG WHAT A WASTE OF A DAY!  By the time i got home, i was cranky, so i ate some popcorn and went to bed.  I got up and ran this morning before the great snow comes.  (we are supposed to get 4 inches, but because it will be the first significant snow this winter, i am expecting people to act a fool.)  Its hard to believe snow is coming, because it was still fairly warm this morning.
The last run for a while without a snow suit
I tend to be a little OCD, so i love making plans and schedules, especially for running, so i tend to get bent out of shape when i then have to rearrange the aforementioned schedule.  

Stay tuned for live blog updates on the big snow.  

****UPDATE  It is 9:39 am and flurries are currently falling in Northbrook, IL.  I am watching them, rest assured.


  1. Maybe everyone had a crappy day yesterday???? I hope they have a good explanation for not being where they said they would be, that is a long time to drive to have to turn around and go back!
    I hope you are feeling better - and I am also on SnowWatch 2012. I'm oddly excited for it, probably because I bought new boots to wear for when it snows...and have NOT been able to wear them yet. Rude.

    1. I got new boots for snow too!!

      It's totes rude that I haven't been able to use them yet.

    2. Normally i am never excited for snow, because it destroys my commute, but i think i will tolerate it just this once. Boots help. They definitely help.

  2. Gr8 job going to a run group when you feel like death!

    I hope you are feeling better and that you didn't run in rape alley. Good decision!

    I LOVE that first picture on your blog, so much I think I'll steal it for mine. Thanks!

    It's snowing in downtown Chicago as of 9:57.

    1. I thought you would approve of that move! I got the picture from pinterest - its like a DRUG.