Monday, January 9, 2012

You say brunch, i also say brunch.

If my ability to carbo-load is in anyway indicative of what my performance for running a marathon will be, than i am SET.

Yesterday was the first annual Chicago runner/blogger meet up (or at least the first one that i was invited to)  Princess Kelsey has a photo of us on her blog.  Not my best photo, but not my worst either.  We went to Rockit in Lincoln Park (or was it wrigleyville?  I don't know)
I'm not sure exactly who chose the location, but it was a great choice!  I even had no trouble finding a parking space right behind my car twin Keren.  In attendance was Myself, Keren, Princess Kelsey, Kim, Rachael, and Becky.  The best part was that any awkward entrance was eliminated because the second i walked in, the doorman said "are you here to meet a group of girls?"  and i was like yes!  and he directed me right to the table of waiting bloggers.  SO, either:
a:  i look like a runner/blogger
b:  These girls knew how lame i was and gave the doorman my photo and told them i would come in looking lost and that i was "special"
Either way, it worked!  And now that i have met everyone, i feel less like a creeper stalking their blogs and can comment guilt-free!
I had the butternut squash soup, hoping it would be small, because i had a second brunch to go to right after.  It was huge.  and delicious.  At least i tried?  It was great meeting all those ladies, and i predict some runs and races and beers in our near future.

After brunch 1, i raced across town to meet up my my besties Rayray, Maya and Tammy at the Anthem.  The anthem is a new sports bar that opened up on the division strip.  
I love the food, and can totally recommend it because the chef in charge there is my long-time friend Shooter.  And if there is one thing Shooter knows, it is how to make damn good food.  having already stuffed myself, we snacked on some yummy appetizers and bloody marys, and split a portion of mac n cheese.  (SO GOOD!!!)  damn you Shooter, thats the last thing my ever-growing waistline needed!  

It wasn't a total failure, because i did eventually make it to the gym for a solid hour of cross-training.  1 gold star for me!!

Now if i can just keep it up for 18 more weeks........

And on a side note, my knee has been bothering me.  It started over christmas, and has just lingered around.  It doesn't so much bother me when i run, but really acts up when i drive...especially for longer than 20 minutes.  It also hurts wickedly bad at night.  It wakes me up probably 7-8 times a night because it is hurting and i can't get comfortable.  All this lack of sleep is making me GROUCHY!  I finally broke down last night and used some Mission muscle rehab around my knee.

OH. MY. GOD.  A-mazing.  I seriously passed out within minutes because the sweet, sweet relief overwhelmed me.  I was out like a rock.  I did not wake up once during the night, and it didn't hurt on the way to work either.  It feels a little stiff right now, but i feel like a miracle has occured.  A legit miracle.  Can you say the same, Tim Tebow??


  1. I like this post for a number of reasons:
    1. you finally referred to me as the princess that I am.
    2. It makes me feel like less of a creeper for also constantly stalking everyone's blogs.
    3. you publicly acknowledged you STILL want to be my friend after meeting me. Printing this out for my records.

  2. It's true car twin- some beers, runs and races will be in our future!