Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend recap

I am not very coherent right now because of extreme sleep deprivation, so here is a mish-mash of crap.

1.  Waffles is keeping me up at night.  Matt and i have been sleeping in two hour shifts basically and that is not enough sleep for me.  I have lost my keys 5 times, and forgot my login code to get into work today. That kinda tired.

2.  I am really sore and couldn't figure out why, until i realized that i probably carried Waffles outside to go potty about 25 times this weekend (down three flights of stairs)  Cross training?

3.  I finally went to a hot yoga class after quitting my last studio due to over crowding.  Kim the runner nurse kept talking about hot yoga and it was making me super jealous.  I went to Tula Yoga in Logan square, and i really liked it.  You can all go, but if gets too crowded, i will kill you.
4.  The hot yoga made my knee feel significantly better.  This just confirms that i am totally incompetent when it comes to post run stretching, and am damaging myself.
Oh, is this not stretching?  My bad...
5.  We had book club last night, and the book was "to kill a mockingbird"  My main problem with the book is that it inspired people to name their kids Scout, Jem, and Atticus, which is totally unacceptable.
Hey Jem, Hey Scout, Hey Atticus....Let's get some PBR's and listen to independant label music.
6.  Heidi Klum and Seal splitting?  NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  Work it out kids!!
7.  Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler having a baby?? NOOOOO!!!!
How many bear's football seasons can you ruin you tramp????
8.  I was so tired this morning at the gym that my key thing to my gym lock flew off my hand and onto someone else's machine without me noticing....for like 2.5 miles.  Granted my wrist key chain is actually just a broken hair tie, so i have been flirting with disaster for months, but seriously, how embarrassing, i am totally the black sheep at the gym.

9.  I need strength training motivation.  Real bad.  I just have no desire to lift anything.  Unless it's a beer.  And i am lifting it to my mouth.


  1. I just posted a weight lifting workout that I have been doing. I was never motivated to lift weights until I did this circuit. It keeps things interesting and pushes you to lift more than you think you can! :)

    What gym do you workout at?

    1. I work out at X-sport, which is part of the problem because it is always crowded, so i never want to go near the weights...

  2. Soon you will get some sleep! waffles will get used to the routine sooner...or later :)

    O M G i am devastated about heidi and seal??? WTF?

    1. Yeah, i am not sure why i am so upset about this, but i seriously thought they would be together for ever...

  3. What is going ON IN THE WORLD! HEIDI AND SEAL? Who will have a killer Halloween party for hot hollywood celebs now??? Dear lord!

    And yes, hot yoga rocks. The only reason I went was because my hips and knees were super sore from running, now they aren't. I went right after I ran just to test the theory, and low and behold, I was not sore the next day. Amazing what this "Stretching" does...

    1. arghhh! I hadn't even thought about the halloween costumes!!!!!!

  4. Re #6 are they really splitting? Ugh! That makes me sad.

    I hope you get some more sleep tonight. Is this typical for dogs? (I only ask because I have never had one)

    1. I guess it's totally normal...I haven't had a dog either, only cats, but poor Matt is allergic to everything. The first few nights i guess puppies just cry because they are not used to sleeping alone. (its just extra hard on everyone around them)