Friday, January 13, 2012

Hulk, beware.

I survived the commute home!!
Hulk, beware! because i did some strength training this morning!  I can't gloat too much because i only did about 10-15 minutes worth, but HEY.  Thats a start.  I went to the gym with matt this morning, which is good, because there was no way i was shoveling MY car out at 6:45 this morning.  I could barely function enough to dress myself.
lookin good, right??
I went with Matt because he needs encouragement to get back into running again, and he needs a witness for his consuming bacon jalepeno pizza the night before running experiment.  He loves his science....

We both ran 3 miles, and then did some of the weight machines.  I hate the weight portion of the gym even more than the treadmill portion.  Luckily there were not many people there with the weather, but the ones who were there were judging me, i know it.  All these people gave me this condescending smile that seemed to me to say, "awwwww, look at you lift 10lbs on the machine.....sure its the lowest setting, but good for you!"  Apparently, i have a long way to go in that aspect.  Today is friday, which means two things:

1.  It's bagel day, and i get to eat that bagel guilt free because i have my long run tomorrow!
double bonus:  half my office is working from home, and the other half is late, so that means i get dibs on the pretzel bagel.  THE PRETZEL BAGEL!!

2.  Tomorrow is my long run.  There is about 6" of snow on the ground, and the windchill tomorrow morning is supposed to be about 10.  I am pretty sure i don't own any appropriate clothing to be running in that weather.  perhaps i will be frankensteining some clothes together tonight to make something suitable.

***edited to add, i just checked the weather, and it is actually supposed to be 8 degrees, with a windchill of -2.  It would be safe to say that i have some concerns.  

3.  (a completely unplanned 3)  I just invented the word frankensteining.  Use it.  Embrace it.  Spread it around.  

And be safe out there in Chicagoland, it's pretty slick and icy, and no one wants to explain that an injury is not from running, its from slipping on ice.


  1. can I borrow that outfit you are wearing?? friends share!

    go do your run on the dreadmill, I would rather not see your body frozen under ice tomorrow night on the news.

    Also, I just started weight training too this week and I'm not even kidding, I am pretty sure everyone is laughing at my hardcore 10lbs I be lifting. Everyone is so jealous.

    1. at least i would make a beautiful ice sculpture??

      And the people laughing at our weight training are going to be SO sorry in a couple months...

  2. Honestly you can make due with layering sweatpants, sweatshirts, long underwear, yoga pants, legwarmers or compression socks, running capris, etc, until you get a chance to buy "real" winter running gear. Just wear a sweat-wicking base layer (on top and bottom) if you can, and then lay on for warmth. And make sure your head/ears/hands are covered. If you don't have a face mask or neck warmer, just wear a scarf to cover your face. I mean that's what they did in the olden times, right? The rule of thumb is dress 20 degrees warmer, so dress in what you would wear to go for a walk in 28 degrees. (Because you would totally do that, right?) And let me know post-run how much of a badass you feel like!