Saturday, January 7, 2012

survival of the unfit.

Today was my first long run of marathon training!

Of course i laid low friday night, made sure to eat a carbohydrate rich dinner and was relaxing in bed by 10:30 to make sure my run would go as smoothly as possible.

J/K.  none of that happened.  In true gingerfoxxx style, i went out drinking on an empty stomach with my best friend Ray-ray and then had midnight drunk tacos.  At least i was still thinking somewhat clearly, because i remember actively choosing not to put hot sauce on the tacos, ya know, because i had marathon training in the morning.  

Bad decisions aside, it went pretty well.  My saving grace was that it was only a 6 mile run, it remains unseasonably warm, and because its a big group, it is broken down into smaller pacing groups, so i was able to run slower than i normally would.  I chose the 11 min mile group, which worked out well for my hungover state, because i felt super comfortable at that pace.  Almost too comfortable.  I think i will try out the 10:30 group, and maybe end up in the 10:00 group.  If i can do my long runs with the 10 min mile group, i am hoping i might be able to run my marathon in about 4 hours.  we. shall. see.  All of this is dependent on my ability to stop getting drunk and eating tacos before long runs.  

This post is short and pictureless because i am at my moms, and her computer is so old it barely functions.  I am hanging out here for the day avoiding my apartment which is filled with boys drinking beer and eating hot dogs and playing video games.  I will hopefully have an awesome post tomorrow about this amazing Chicago runner/blogger meet up that Kelsey is arranging.  Good times!


  1. So excited to drink out of the boob mug tomorrow! I call first dibs on it!

    Also, you should probably blog about me everyday as I am a princess.

  2. LOL at the part about not putting hot sauce on your tacos! Nice. I was the rockstar that I normally am and was in bed by 10:30 last night because I had an early group run today.