Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why isn't angry an option on daily mile?

i am warning you right  now, if you are unamused by me bitching, click the "x" in the corner.

I am in an EPIC mood right now.  Tonight was supposed to be my midweek run with CARA.  Did i go?  NO.  Did i want to go?  YES.  I hate that my job is completely random and unpredictable, and making any kind of weekday plans is a joke.  A JOKE.  Oh you're training for a marathon?  That's funny, becase we need you to work until 7 because this random project is way more important.  Some of it is probably my poor time management, but seriously, i just want to be able to make it somewhere b 6:30.  That would change my life....

So, i present you with "Reasons i hate Wednesday"

1.  Any semblance of a schedule has been destroyed.  I love being an independent woman with a great job, but i really hate the impact it has on my quality of life.  It kills me when i read the blogs of women who don't have to work 50 hours a week, and have nothing but free time to run and be crazy fast.  NO WONDER I AM SO SLOW!

2.  Because i worked until 7, and by that time the CARA group was already done, i had to run on the treadmill at work.  That sucks extra hard today, because i wasn't planning on it, therefore i had no headband, no shorts, and NO IPOD!
Wednesday blows.
3.  Because it was so late, not only was i tired and hungry, but i had to run in silence why the russian cleaning lady vacuumed around my treadmill.  She was either encouraging me or making fun of me - i don't know, my russian is pretty shoddy...

4.  This run was an angry one!  Sometimes my job makes me crazy!  and there is nothing like stewing in your own sweat and silence because you are sans headphones and wearing thermal pants in a climate controlled room.

5.  On my "marathon training schedule, i was supposed to run "4 miles @ marathon pace"  Did i run at my desired marathon pace?  No.  If i can't run 4 miles at 9 minutes, how will i ever run 26???
So unhappy despite sparkling clean floors.
6.  It is freezing cold outside, and therefore my knee looks like a grapefruit.  STOP HURTING.

7.  Friday night is supposed to be an amazing combo of freezing rain followed by snow.  This ensures that my commute will be a three hour nightmare, and that my long run saturday morning will be as dangerous as it is cold.  I know it's winter, but why can't it snow/freezing rain during times that are more convenient to MY running schedule???

8.  And finally, because i am in full blown rant mode, How is it front page news that Paula Deen has diabetes???  Have you ever seen her show?  OF COURSE she had diabetes!!  Throw some butter at it Paula....throw some butter at it....***
Southern cooking for the win.
***(I fully understand how horrible a disease diabetes it, i just deal with illness via inappropriate jokes, it's my thing, please don't take offense)

If you are still reading this, i have NO idea why, but thank you.  I just needed to vent because i am pissed off that i missed my group run that i was looking forward too, and that i am still much slower than i am used to being.  It's making me cranky and unbearable.  I promise to wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow.


  1. I HATE when I have to run on the treadmill with no iPod. I don't know what's worse, leaving it at home or turning it on and realizing the batter will last less than 1 song. I do keep a spare set of headphones for an emergency scenario so I can at least have the TV volume... And on the positive side, at least you got in the run and didn't get discouraged by the forces against you! A lesser woman may have quit.

    And I gotta say, I thought the EXACT same thing when I heard #8. I think I even said out loud to myself in my car "shocking" in a sarcastic voice. I mean, not be rude, diabetes is a terrible disease... However, type 2 diabetes is something that can be fixed/helped/diminished with changes in diet and exercise programs (anyone that watches BL or any weightloss show could tell you that much). It will be interesting to see how her cooking changes after the diagnosis. I might actually be able to eat some of her food without feeling super guilty about it!

    1. I am so glad i am not alone about Paula Dean! (i made the joke to the coworker and they were completely offended that i would joke about diabetes...) I have actually met her, and got to listen in on an interview, and someone asked her about modifying recipes to make them healthy and diet friendly and she was like "i would rather die." SO so stubborn!

  2. That sounds like a dreadful day I'm sorry you had to go through it! When I saw on the news this morning we are supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow Friday evening I immediately thought of your long run Saturday and just thought "o m g"

    If it makes you feel any better, while you were running on the basement treadmill, I was also running on the treadmill so it's sort of like we are running together, no?

    ps. you're pretty and i love your sassiness

    1. awww, thank you Kelsey :) all i can do is sit here idly and see if we get all that snow or not. I really hope it's not cancelled though!!

    2. "I really hope it's not cancelled though!!" Aww this makes me so happy to see. Welcome to the Crazy Runner Club :)

    3. It is not cancelled, unless tomorrows storm drops more than 12" of snow (i had thought it was 6" for some reason) The just sent out an email saying "the run is shortened on account of the weather...JUST KIDDING, you signed up for this..."

  3. Sorry your night was such a bummer!!! But please please please never become one of those stay-at-home running bloggers. Can you say BORING? Because they are. Sorry. Super boring. "Hey here's a picture of my salad." BORING. I dunno. Maybe I'm just all Uber-Feminist but I love working and having a CAREER that I enjoy. I don't care that between working and running I don't have time to make my husband a lovely home-cooked dinner (he likes cooking more than I do anyway) and our clothes seem to only go from hamper to washer/dryer to laundry basket back to hamper ... if it doesn't bother me, it shouldn't bother anyone else. (MOM ARE YOU LISTENING?) Sorry. Guess I need to vent too!

    1. I do LOVE working (most days...)! It was just the combo of missing the run, and then coming home at 8pm to Matt sitting and waiting for me, hungry, and being bombarded by a mountain of dirty laundry. I ended up taking a hot bath and drinking a martini and felt MUCH better about the state of things! :D

  4. I love this work related vent, because I can so relate... I HATE when stuff gets in the way of my schedule - especially when it messes with my workouts. Sometimes you need an angry run to feel better ;)