Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good Morning!

Waffles - blogging and snacking.  Like mother, like child.

I don't know how, but in the span of seconds last night, waffles managed to start rolling around on my computer, and open every single photo in i photo.  All 10,000 of them.  I had to shut the whole thing down because they just kept popping up like a machine gun.  Thanks Waffles.  

Because i have been waking up well before dawn to take care of the little rascal, i've been frusterated i can't use this time to run, unless there is some kind of puppy sling that would allow me to strap waffles to my back.  Or a special puppy jogging stroller.....wait, i googled it, of course they exist:
Good to know....

Anyways, i've been thinking.  On one of my long runs, someone made a crack when i said this would be my first marathon.  They said "you chose a spring marathon for your first?!?!?!?"  It was obviously a crack on the less than stellar weekend weather we have been having, but it made me think, OF COURSE i chose a spring marathon for my first.  I have every intention of running the Chicago marathon this fall, but it will be so much harder to train for.  The heat....The humidity, the jam-packed lakefront, swarms of mosquitos, endless barbeques and cookouts tempting me away from training.  Did i mention the heat?  Because its a biggie.  I have major issues when it gets about 80 degrees.  Sure winter is cold and wet and icy, and i will most likely fall...often...but at least there is fluffy snow to help break those falls.  Plus there are less people on the lake front, and almost no bikers.  

I hate being cold more than most, but in my opinion, the benefits outweigh the discomfort.  It nice that we get the full effect of all seasons here in the midwest, and can choose to train through winter or summer, unlike those poor, poor people in southern california who only get beautiful weather year round.

Training for a spring marathon:

more space on the bike path
people think you are a badass
very little risk of heat stroke
apparently you run at a lower heartrate?  someone told me that...

It's always dark.
It's always cold.
a lot of the time you have to run slower because of snow and ice
chances of falling are greatly increased.
Bathrooms and water fountains are shut off for winter

Training for a fall marathon:
Never alone on any running path
Sun comes up at like 5am and doesn't set until 9
Much easier to find someone to run with you
Significantly less laundry

It gets really hot and humid
Heat exhaustion risk/running at 5am to avoid heat
You will sweat all the time on everything
Paths are overcrowded at peak times
Risk of being mowed down by someone on a bike increases.

What are your thoughts?  Which marathon (or half marathon, or 10k, or 5k) would YOU rather train for?  Have i missed and obvious pros and cons??


  1. That is tough, I think I would do better in the heat than the winter.

    Registration for Chicago marathon opens Feb 1!

  2. Regarding the dog stroller ... I once did a small local 5K race, and there was a gal there running with her tiny dog ... in a dog stroller. During a race. The funny thing was, she finished the race with the dog on the leash, running on his own, but she still had to push the dog stroller. It just seemed very unnecessary. If you don't think your dog can run 3.1 miles, leave the dog and the stroller at home. Please. Otherwise you look like a moron.

    I think it's a toss up over what's easier to train for, a spring or fall marathon. I have yet to do either, but my first marathon will be Chicago. So we'll have to compare notes later in the year.

    1. I should clarify, it's fine to go out for a training run with a dog stroller, if that's what you have to do. It was because it was a race that I thought it was ridiculous.

    2. Oh haha, no i would never take her out in a stroller, it's more that i can't leave her right now unless she's in her crate, and she won't be able to even go for long walks for months. She should be quite the runner some day though! (the real question is, was it a racing stroller for the dog??? :D )

      I am going to run Chicago as well, so i will have to do an after the fact comparison of the two!

  3. This is why they make puppies and things so cute. So that when they irritate the crap out of you and ruin your life at certain moments, you won't murder them. Because they just stare at you with their adoring little puppy/cat eyes and you know they rely on you for life and yes, it is a weapon and I'm CERTAIN my cat is plotting my destruction.

    1. Kittens and puppies as weapons of mass destruction? I think we might be on to something....

  4. I wish I would have trained for a spring marathon! That summer heat sure did a number on me! YIKES!!! Best of luck!! I'm sure you will do awesome!

    I took my dog for runs when we first got her... less than a mile though. It was the most I could do. Why don't you take your dog with you? Is Waffles still too small? Our dog was about 3 months when I started taking her on runs with me.

    1. Waffles won't be able to run any real distance until fall probably. I look at all the people running with their dogs and want to explode with anticipation! (right now she can barely run across the living room, haha)

  5. Ha! That stroller is hilarious. I cannot believe Maggie actually saw someone with one.

    I am very PRO winter training, for the same reasons. The heat and I do not do so well. Although, I trained all summer with my best friend for a fall marathon and we had a blast, suffering together :)

    1. My reasoning is that by training for the spring marathon, i will have a really good base and be able to *hopefully* have a stellar performance in fall. we shall see!