Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Every time i go near the laptop, waffles decides to jump on the keyboard to say hello.
yesterday she opened 10,000 pictures in iphoto, and today she googled the word sandwich.  I am dead serious-my dog just somehow googled the word sandwich.  obviously, she is a GENIUS!  My only real theory is that matt had copied the word sandwich, and maybe she accidentally typed the short cut for paste.  It seems suspicious though, maybe she just really wanted a sandwich, and figured out a way to communicate.  My eye is on you, genius dog.....

In running news, i had a dark cloud hanging over me at work because i new i missed yesterdays run, and my mileage was low, so then i just obsess and stew over how i am gonna make it up.  Then my computer acted up for like 3 hours today.  Then i got an emergency call from Matt who had managed to lock himself out of the apartment with the dog, forcing me to drive the 25 miles home and then back to work.  I  also had leftover pizza for lunch....i just can't help it, it's sooooo good the next day.  

I have had major stomach issues with pizza and running in the past, so i was expecting an extra lame run tonight, and i felt heartburn-y on the drive to meet up with the CARA group.  I still didn't know exactly where to find them, as you will remember i totally failed two weeks ago, and just went home.  The lady at CARA had given me a group leaders number in case i was lost again.  (which by the way, i was.)  It turns out i was in the right place all along, just NO ONE SHOWS UP IN WINTER.  Come on people.  I showed up despite being directionally challenged and a giant whiner.  Any way, the one guy and his friend go every week, but are the only ones that have been showing up so far.  They were super nice about it, and asked what my pace was.  I said that a 9:30 was probably the fastest i could comfortably go, and they said the normally run 7:30's.  WHA???  Thats like my worst nightmare is being so slow i have to be left behind.  

We waited about 10 minutes to see if any slow people would show up, but they didn't.  I did however see a giant 30 lb raccoon, and honestly, that was the highlight of my day.  30 lb raccoon.
Anyways, these two speedy guys were nice enough to run 9:30 miles with me for 5 miles.  Thats like walking for them.  And i secretly felt terrible because even that was a little difficult for me to keep up with for the first couple miles (wind in your face makes it so much harder!)  They were even nice enough to say that they might run slower miles every wednesday, and that it felt great, and that in turn made me felt great.  And to be honest, i have been maxing out at 9:40's lately, and the fact that they cared more about being nice and friendly runners than being fast just gave me a huge boost.  

Thats why running is so awesome, because the runners are awesome.  I will probably always be slow, but i really hope that some day i can pay it forward, and help some one complete a run by slowing down to their speed and encouraging them.

I feel awesome tonight.


  1. Is that really a pic you took of the raccoon??? I seriously died laughing when I saw that.

    This post cracked me up and congrats on your great run!

  2. I think you should go with genius dog. For sure. No doubt.

    That is really sweet of those guys. Although maybe they thought you were hot? Just a thought =P But I can't believe people just wouldn't show up in winter. Don't you have to pay for training group??? What the heck? Do these people like throwing their money away?

    AHHH raccoons freak me out. They have no fear of humans and smell like garbage. I have had two encounters with raccoons and they were both mildly traumatic.

    1. you totally pay for the training program! and i know it's not super expensive to some people, but i am going to run every single run they offer. I guess others are not as desperate as me for people to run with, haha

  3. You may think you are slow - but there are some people *cough me cough* who would love to be able to run that far at that pace.

    And that raccoon is awesome. I cannot believe he stayed there long enough for a photoshoot!

    1. It's funny, because i said that i would love to run a 7 minute mile, and they were like well, if a year ago you couldn't run an 11 minute mile, look how far you came.

      dream big, kids.....dream big.....

  4. awww i'll come run with you! I should be back at fleet feet this Tuesday! date? I could do wednesdays too... who knows, maybe one of these days kelsey will join us :)

    1. keren you have returned!

      i want to come i do...its just...cold...

    2. I have to check my schedule, but i should be good to go for Tuesday!! And the second it reaches 60 degrees, i am forcibly dragging kelsey to fleet feet :D

  5. Ha! He did just want a sammie :)

    I am happy someone ran with you! I have heard of so many people wanting to join a group but not because of pace.