Saturday, January 28, 2012

In and around my face.

This morning was my long run with the CARA group.  I had the option of running 9 miles, or 13 miles.  I probably should have run the 13, but i compromised and ran 11.  Life is all about compromise.

I was pretty tired and a little under the weather, mostly because the pup kept me up the entire night, (and many nights preceding), and i have been coming down with a cold.  Nothing major, just a lot of congestion and some coughing. 

I was really concerned about the ice situation...we had this lame freezing snow/drizzle thing going on friday night that left everything coated in ice.  On the plus side?  I didn't fall on my run.  On the down side?  I have fallen three times since today, once just walking to my car after the run.  I am as graceful as a bull in a china shop.  Luckily, the path was coated in an inch of ice...probably because of the f^3 half marathon being run today (which car twin Keren rocked the FACE off, btw!)  All that salt kept the ice at bay, but it also created huge lakes along the path, one of which i stepped in, creating an unpleasant wet sock scenario.  It also trashed my shoes
The ones on the left are the new shoes!  Damn you salt!
It was only moderately cold, but the wind was a BITCH.  it was a weird kind of wind, where no matter which way you ran, it was still up in your face.  I wore a scarf, but i just can't have something over my mouth when i run, it makes me crazy.  The scarf was covered in my nasty snottiness (i am a sexy runner, i tell ya)  which then froze all along the fringe and proceeded to whip me in the face the entire run.

This was all i could think of:

(i'm not gonna lie, it's on my ipod, and i listen to it whenever i am on the dreadmill.  My dark secret is out.)

Other than that, my run was very peaceful and uneventful...almost zenlike!  god i love running slow.  Maggie over at Mag Mile Runner gave me these questions to answer, as a means to entertain (or horrify) all of you.

My 11 Questions: 

  1. Why do you run?  I'm not really sure why i run, because i am pretty sure i complain about it daily on this blog....a big part of it is just proving that i can run.  I went to grad school just because one person said i would never go.  I sang michael jackson at karaoke just because someone said i would never do it.  I'm just a brat, really.
  2. What other athletic things do you enjoy?   I like yoga, but i have only done that since i started running.  I was in a roller derby for a while, but its been ages since i strapped on my skates!
  3. Where did you grow up? Loves Park (its part of Rockford, IL "rock vegas")  Its generally referred to as Loves Park-ensaw because of its white trashiness
  4. Why do you currently live where you do? Most of my close friends live in the general Logan Square area.  It also has reasonable rent and ample parking.
  5. Where is your favorite place in the world? Apalachicola, FL.  Matt and i went there last year, and had the greatest time eating oysters, chasing hermit crabs, and laying on the beach
  6. Do you know how to do something that not everyone can do? win at scrabble
  7. What foods do you hate? Cauliflower!  and meat.
  8. What kind of car do you drive, and why did you buy it? I drive a nissan versa, and i love it.  Its small and easy to park, but still roomy.  And it's was love at first sight.
  9. Have you ever quit anything? Why? I have quit lots of things, but only when they are healthy to me, physically or mentally
  10. What was your major? If you could go back in time, would you pick something else? (If you didn't go to college, what would you major in if you did?) I majored (and then mastered) in Industrial Design.  Its a good career and all, but if i could go back, i might do something slightly different.
  11. Where did you go to college? Why? (And if you didn't go, why? I went to University of Illinois at Chicago for undergrad, because it was still relatively close to home because my dad was sick, and i was legally in charge of medical decisions.  I went to grad school at Purdue university because they paid me.  
Wow, i am super boring.  I apologize if you are still reading.  I will try and think up some new questions and pay it forward!


  1. I never even thought about salt on your shoes! Boo! WTG on getting out there on a slippery windy day. I hope Waffles lets you get more sleep tonight!

    Does your fam still live in Rockford? We drive by on Highway 20 whenever we go to IA to visit my fam. I have not explored Rockford too much though!

    1. Friday night was awful, so i finally cracked and let her sleep in our bedroom. She is silent now! (so quiet she doesn't even want to wake us up to go outside!)

      My mom and brother (and lots of cousins) live in rockford still, we probably go back every other month for some karaoke and cheap drinks!!

  2. yay car twin!!! i'm very sore and quite ... tipsy...the sign of a good race day :) great job on your run today! see you tuesday!

    1. I couldn't imagine a race that wasn't followed by beers!! Congrats again!!

  3. I went to UIC too! What a small world! Go Flames!!

    1. I loved UIC! They have the nicest rec center i have ever seen! i mean, come on - lazy river?? :)

  4. Gr8 job on your run! I always wonder about running in the my suspicions are are confirmed that it's terrible.

    1. It is, but normally, its only terrible in one direction. I would almost say run with the wind and arrange for someone to pick you up so you don't have to turn around!!