Friday, January 13, 2012

I ain't afraid of no cold...(or am i?!?!)

I have been religiously checking the CARA facebook page to see whether or not our run would still happen tomorrow.  My main concerns were this:

But even more importantly, this:
Seriously, ouch.
They just sent out an email that said GAME ON, so i am in trouble.  To add salt to the wound, or to perhaps shame me into showing up and not whining like a baby, they put this motivational poster on their facebook page:
And to that, i felt the need to respond with one of my "questionably motivational" posters.
What can i say?  I speak the truth.  The cold, hard truth.

Be sure to turn in tomorrow to see what i wear, at what point i curl up on the path and cry, and most importantly, my thoughts on the olympic marathon trials.


  1. I aspire to be you.

    Good luck, don't get frostbite, hypothermia or fall and never get up. I need you in my life. Have a shot or 2 or 3 or 4 to warm you up beforehand...

  2. Oh jesus. Good luck. You are far braver than I. I will be curled up in a ball under my down comforter at 7 am :) I look forward to your recap!!

    1. PS - Do NOT take Kelsey's brilliant advice of taking a shot before you run. Clearly she's drunk.

    2. That's right I'm brilliant. which means you should always listen to my advice!

      did you end up going????