Thursday, January 5, 2012

I survived!

The great server outage of 2012!!  Yeah, the server at work has been down all day, rendering me totally unable to work.  On the plus side, i got to daydream all day.  On the downside, i now have a ton of work to do.....

I am in the market for a new yoga class.  I had been taking a hot yoga class once a week just to keep everything  loose and help prevent injuries, but now thanks to groupon, i can't even get into my normal class until mid-february!  Newbs.  Where am i going to get my yoga fix??  I suppose i could be economical and do it at home, but lets face it, once i walk in the door my will to do anything physical just disappears.  Also, screw you groupon.

I also went to the gym last night.  Marathon training should have officially started on Tuesday, but it did not.  I was supposed to run 3 miles, but i decided to elliptical three miles instead, seeing as i have a case of grapefruit knee.  Did i mention that i hate X-sport?  Because i do.  Ever since it has gotten cold, my knee had been so sore, especially in the morning.  I know it can't be runners knee, because i HAVEN'T BEEN RUNNING.  As usual, my body has chosen to betray me rather than help me, this time because of the cold.  And and apparently because it thinks i am an 80 year old.
And apparently a fisherman....
My first long run this saturday is 6 miles.  Normally, i wouldn't fear that, but with my recent state of decay, i am a leeeeetle concerned.  I would prefer not to get kicked out of the training program in the first week.  

And, in happier news, Kelsey from Ready, Set, Feast made me this magazine cover to showcase the celebrity that i am:
I will always be remembered as a died hard patriot.
On the plus side, that giant tattoo i got of a bald eagle carrying a flag in its mouth and a banner that says liberty in its talons TOTALLY MAKES SENSE NOW.  I am just glad she made it instead of me, because if i made it, it would have been a Runners World magazine featuring "the worlds worse runners"and "everything not to do in running demonstrated by this weird ginger girl" and showing me collapsed near the start line.  Thats right, the START line.  Just how i roll.


  1. you are going to be fine at CARA!! I did it this summer and everyone was really nice. We took a lot of water breaks which give you a chance to rest and everyone is fun and encouraging. I thought about doing it this winter but montrose is kind of annoying to get to. I'll do it again this summer at their downtown location

  2. I'm glad to hear that!! I was really worried that there would be no breaks, because i am used to stopping for water breaks. I think i will really like it after the first couple weeks when i will be adjusting to the cold and getting the distance back up again after my hiatus for the past month.

  3. You are SO famous now! So patriotic, you might not have time for me now that the paparazzi and Tyra Banks are all UP in your bizznass.