Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nutritional advice...

from someone who is in no way qualified to give nutritional advice.
good choices, all around
Whenever i start gearing up for a race and commit myself to training, etc, i always end up taking a super close look at my diet.  I thought i would list some of my quirks for everyone.  I have absolutely no advice on weightloss, because i am fortunate enough to have never been overweight.  (although i did pork up to about 135 lbs my last year of grad school, but it was mostly from lack of exercise, binge drinking, and only sleeping 2-3 hours a night.  It came off within a month or two of graduation)

I am not entirely sure why i am not overweight, because lord knows, I LOVE FOOD.  My dad's side of the family are all very thin, but my mom's side of the family are all very stocky/well-fed (the nicest way i could put it?)  My mom has always struggled with her weight, and i have always felt guilty that i go around eating whatever i want.  Here are some of my rules of eating:  (not that anyone cares/should follow them)

1.  Just cook.  seriously.  I get it, there is no time.  I tend to cook a lot on the weekends when i have extra free time, and freeze things.  I always have frozen soup on stand-by.  I have also realized that the food i make is almost always better than canned or pre-made stuff.  Cambells has NOTHING on my potato leek soup.  And mine has about 10% of the salt.

2.  Yeah, you should probably watch the salt.  This one is hard for me.  I love salt, and tend to put it on everything.  I try and have a "salt detox" a couple times a year to help reign myself back in.  Here's a quick test to see if you are a salt addict:  If you can eat a handful of tostito's without your mouth puckering from all the salt, you are probably becoming desensitized to salt.  (but damn are they tasty!)

3.  Eat something green everyday.  Nobody's perfect (except me.  HA!)  but you at least have to try.  Truth be told, the only green thing i had today was some sour apple tic tacs, but i did have some bell peppers, squash, and mushrooms, so i wasn't that far off.  (p.s. did you know they make sour apple tic tacs?  They're delicious.)
It's magnificent!!
4.  Know what's in season.  I think this is more about savings than anything.  Veggies that are in season are WAY cheaper than things that have to be flown in from Chile, or Brazil, or even southern California.  It kinda sucks right now, because nothing is in season in Chicago, except potatoes, onions, and squash leftover from fall.  But when spring hits, buy local!  Its amazing and delicious, and good for the community, the planet, and your tummy.
We grow some damn good corn in Illinois.
5.  If you really want something, just have it.  Diet versions of bad for you foods are usually just as bad for you, and more expensive.  I find that if i really want something, and try to satisfy the craving with something healthy, i will just eat 10x of the healthy thing, and then in the end eat what i wanted as well.  So, never deprive yourself, just don't go totally bananas.  Walk to the bakery people, don't drive!
There are seriously a lot of pictures of me with food....
6.  Be careful with food coming from animals.  I am not a vegetarian, but i never ever eat red meat or pork, and i rarely eat chicken (and only then, it has to be fresh organic expensive chicken.)  I eat fish fairly often, and we like to go to the fish market where we know the fish is super fresh and sustainably farmed, or even wild caught.  Same with eggs.  I feel better buying organic hormone-free eggs - i would rather go without something else to justify the cost.)  I avoid dairy too, but it's not like i never have it.  I think people will debate the benefits/risks of dairy for eternity, but i personally just don't like milk or yogurt.  Frozen yogurt  and cheese are really the only dairy products i like!  

So there are my healthy eating guidelines.  There is absolutely no science or logic behind them, and are mostly derived from the fact that i am a paranoid cheapskate/picky eater with the mindset of someone who grew up in the depression.  (wasting food makes me cry.)

The way i see it, i am still alive and healthy, so i can't be alllll wrong :)  (these are also just guidelines that even i don't always follow.  I enjoy the occasional taco bell, french fries, and candy...ok, a lot of candy)

Also, i went and did my cross-training for the second week in a row.  SECOND GOLD STAR!


  1. Very nice! I need to look at how much sodium I'm taking in lately...I'm always thirsty, and I think I love my marinara sauce too much. I just looked today, and a serving had..a ton of sodium. oops!

    1. Yea, my downfall is pizza sauce! One day i ran out though, and only had tomato paste, so i was forced to try and make my own, and it turned out even better! :D

    2. Yummmmmmmm, I love red sauce. It's a problem!
      I'm doing an assignment right now for school on Huntington's and thought of you. Huntington's = LAME indeed, girlie.

    3. No way! Thats awesome! Let me know if you need any info, i could write a book!

  2. GOLD STAR FOR YOU! I'll give you a gold star ;)

  3. these gold stars, they make it all worth while...

    1. so true. I want a gold star. I might actually do my run outside today since the weather seems decent. can i get a gold star for that??

  4. "pork up to about 135 lbs"? I HATE YOU. unless you are under 5 feet tall.

    1. Don't hate me, hate my dad! i think he maxed out at about 105 lbs, haha. (sadly, with his petite frame i also developed his inability to gain ANY muscle mass - probably why i am a slow runner!) :)