Friday, January 20, 2012

survival skills.

I had a whole other post i started writing at work, but now that is for another day my friends...

Today's traffic was the worst i have EVER seen it in my two years as a commuter.  
That right there is the travel time from my work to my apartment (roughly...i don't go all the way to the circle).  For those of you who are math challenged, that is 4 hours and 4 minutes.  To go less than 20 miles.  

I am lucky enough that my job is pretty relaxed, and i don't currently really have a supervisor, so when the weather gets bad, i get going.  We had a big meeting at 11, otherwise i would have worked from home today.  (but the meeting went well, so it was worth my troubles i hope)  I ended up hitting the road at about 1pm, armed with that protein bar and some cupids corn:
Cupid corn is basically just valentines day themed candy corn.  I have a problem, and i acknowledge that.  I am really glad i left early, because the roads were already a mess, and what should have been a 30 minute drive was 2 hours and 15 minutes....
The problem seems to be that because of the cold, none of the salt they put down was melting the snow, so it just piled up on the highways.  There was probably about an inch and a half of snow just sitting on the highway, and when you drive a little Nissan Versa, it's basically like off-roading.  Lucking, we were only going about 5 mph most of the way, so even if i would have hit something, i don't think people would even notice.  The travel times got infinitely worse, and are now sitting at about 4+ hours.  Basically, i should have invested in a husky dog team.
Oh man, look at that cute ginger dog in the front!
I am a little concerned about tomorrow's run.  Mostly for safety reasons.  I am not exactly the most sure-footed person to begin fact, i face planted at the gym today on the treadmill.  Ok, it wasn't a full on face plant, but i did tumble off.  I meant to increase the speed a notch and somehow my sweaty hand hit the emergency stop button....Who the hell puts that button so close to the increase speed button anyway?? I seriously hate the gym.
dang i'm awesome....
I am also a little concerned about how slow the group has to go because of the weather...we were running slow last weened, because of THAT snow, and now tomorrow will most likely be a slower than planned run as well with all this fresh snow on the path (covering all that beautiful ice...)  Are all these slow long runs going to make me slower?  What if i never get any faster because of all of this damn snow??  I WANNA GO FAST!
real fast.
If you're going out tonight, be safe kiddos, it's a real doozy outside!!
I recommend that you just stay in tonight, have a cocktail, and enjoy this video of people who are much more coordinated on treadmills than i am.


  1. OMG I agree, I have never seen the roads that bad, and I've driven in a few snow storms before. My commute is 12 miles (completely within the south suburbs) and usually takes 25 minutes. Today it took 75 minutes going home. I was never so happy to make it home safely. At one point my car felt like I was steering a boat.

    1. Yeah, in a weird way i guess i am glad it was so slow going, because i think there were a ton of spin outs, but no serious accidents, which is awesome, i suppose!

  2. I can't believe you want to go run in this crap tomorrow. I would slip and fall on my butt as soon as I stepped out the door, and my gym shoes would be soaked.
    I also noticed the roads are terrible - I'm glad you got to leave work early!

    1. I am a leeeeetle nervous about this one, just because it's longer and snowier!

  3. Ugh! Sorry for your crap commute today! I live in Chicagoland, but was working from home, and am reading all these horror stories :(

    I am also worried about running outside tomorrow. I hope we both end up with awesome runs!

    1. All i'm saying is we should get medals or something just for going out! :D

  4. that is miserable. seriously miserable. i tumble of the treadmill about 60% of the time. no bigs.