Monday, October 31, 2011

Screw you foot.

I ended up with an almost astonishing mileage last week of 10 miles.  No, seriously, thats the total.  FOR THE WEEK.  I don't mind though, as i needed some R&R.  I was starting to think i had mono for christ's sake.  I have forgiven myself for taking a week off, and intend to resume training this week.  There is one little problem standing in my way.  or more so, one little problem NOT standing in my way.....My pinky toenail up and DONE LEFT ME!!!!  First my boss, now my damn toenail!  and i love that it chooses to leave on the week that i don't run.  Are you serious toenail?

I don't think it will be a huge problem....It doesn't really hurt, except when i am wearing my cowboy boots that rub up against the toe.  


Yesterday i ended up doing nothing.  NOTHING.  i can't remember the last time i did that.  It's been years.  I didn't even put on real pants.  Leggings FTW!  I also didn't cook dinner and demanded takeout.  I also drank 2.5 dirty martinis.  2.5! (yes thats 2 POINT 5, not 25.  i do still have to go to work.....for now.)  Who does that??  ME!
salty boozy perfection.
I also discovered the show Jericho on netflix.  It's not zombies, but it is apocalyptic, and it has skeet ullrich, so i went for it.
what else was i gonna a productive member of society??  HA!
So, that was my weekend of nothing.  Jericho, martinis, pantslessness, and a half-assed 5k.  I need to start actually running again this week, as i have a couple races on the horizon.  Also, i need to sign up for more races.  The midwest seems to have a shortage of early spring races!  (probably the mega-lame weather)  I haven't been able to find a half marathon before mid-april!  There is one in january, but i just don't know if i can handle all that cold up in my business.  I have seen January's where is 60 degrees, but also Januarys where it's -30.  So that one is TBD.  If anyone reads my blog (HA!) and knows of some good midwestern races in Feb/March, let me know!!

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