Tuesday, October 11, 2011

bad moon rising

well folks, there's a full moon tonight, so i can let the crazy out.  I seriously considered skipping my run tonight, but i didn't want to disappoint my readers (i.e., Matt. IF he is even reading it....which he better be...i know where you live!)  So i managed to talk myself into it.  I went to my usual trail by work, and there was a dad taking his little boy for a jog.  Soooo cute right?


This 8 year asian boy was running 7:30 miles.  effortlessly.  I would have tripped him if i could have caught him.  (i kid.  maybe.)  seriously, they blew right by me, and he turned around to look at me and i swear he was telepathically saying "don't hurt yourself trying to keep up with me, chubby white lady three times my age)  The competitive side of me though "AWWWWW, HELL NO YOU DIDN'T LITTLE BOY"  And i desperately tried to keep up, but it was impossible.  Damn you, little boy, DAMN YOUUUUUU!

He was with his dad, who was obviously a seasoned runner.  Some people you can look at and just know they run marathons, and FAST.  I wonder if my parents had tried to get me to run when i was little, if i would be naturally fast.  I highly doubt it though - i think a lot of it is genetics, and no matter how hard i try, i will never be an 8 year old Asian boy.  damn.

I did manage to run a little faster than normal though, mostly out of shame.....5 miles at 9:20 a mile.  My goal is 9:10 for Cincinnati in two weeks, and i doubt its going to happen.

My Garmin froze right after i finished my run, and then reset and wouldn't come back on.  I started flipping out, incredible hulk style thinking that without the run on the Garmin, its like it never happened.....For someone who cares very little about such things, I WAS PISSED.  Turned out the bezel was just frozen.....DAMN YOU FULL MOON!  I was so busy making a scene i forgot to take redonk pictures of myself.  tomorrow...

On the plus side, i came home to these:
And a papa ray's pizza menu!  they know how i roll.
Not one, but two runners worlds!  PAR-TAY.  I'm on my own for dinner tonight, so i think i am going to have cabbage and cereal.  Because that makes sense to me.  Hey, it's a full moon, BRING ON THE CRAZY!

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