Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rainy day women.

This was my morning.
et tu, Chicago?
So it is safe to assume that i:
a- did not run this morning
b- did not make it to work on time and sat in traffic.

So now, i get to look at this all day again-
Awwww, you're tired from working all day?  SUCK IT.
The worst part is that it is supposed to rain this evening as well.  Somehow rain running seems more manageable after i have been drinking coffee and snacking on candy all day.  This has made me realize that i am completely unequipped for running in fall/winter weather.  For example, i packed a tank top to run in.  It is cold and rainy!  I make bad choices.

Its time to start shopping for a pair of running tights and a jacket.  It was brought to my attention that i also might need some kind of blinky light for when i run in the dark.  I have almost been hit by cars probably 30 times in the sunny daytime, so a blinky light would be a wise investment.  I would be like a bike, only really slow.  and wimpering.  At times like this, i wish i had runner friends to recommend some great winter running gear.  Until then, i will just wear my cotton hoodie that i glued foam shark teeth onto on my rainy run this evening.  Bad choices for the win.

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