Friday, October 28, 2011

weirdest. day. ever.

So this post will be short.  My boss quit today.  so that's kinda weird.  There is really only one thing that can be derived from this.

I'm in charge now.

Ok, totally not true at all.  BUT, since my coworker is on vacation, i am kinda running the department for today.  Needless to day, all this work drama is affecting my ability to run and eat candy.  I have been feeling super tired, and thinking i had mono, but it turns out it's just work stress!!  I'd like to think that even kara goucher has weeks where she is overwhelmed by life and doesn't run as much as she would like too.  

I didn't run yesterday, but i did get a bunch done at work, celebrated my best friends birthday, and made these awesome cupcakes!
Maybe betty crocker helped a teeny bit.
I know its not much, but i felt super empowered to work a ridiculously long day and still knock out some awesome cupcakes.

Today, i have to figure out how i am going to dress for the Carrera de las Muertes tomorrow.  (The run of the dead!)  Its a 5k through the historic Pilsen neighborhood here in Chicago.  I wanted to wear a bright sombrero, but i don't know how well it would stay on my head (because i am SOOOOOO fast and all.)  I think i am going to hit up the Halloween store at lunch to look for some cool accessories.  I didn't cross train this morning because i consumed quite a few miller highlifes last night in celebration of all that is Rachel, so i think i am going to try and force myself to go after work.
Champagne of beers?  YEAH ya are!

I will probably blog about more interesting things when i am not so stunned by my new being the boss lifestyle!

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