Monday, October 24, 2011

Things to do in Cincinnati

If you should ever find yourself in Cincinnati, here are some things to check out!  After the race, Matt and i hung out at the after party drinking Moerlein Lagers (they sponsered the race).  They were delicious!  I wish i could have drank more actually, but my stomach felt a little weird after running for so long.  We went home and made some turkey bacon and eggs (my fav)  and i ended up taking a power nap.  When i woke up, the real hunger started to kick in, and it was a beautiful sunny day, so i demanded froyo.  To which Matt said "doesn't exist in Cincinnati."  I call shenanigans on that, but he took me to Graeters Ice cream, demanding it was even better than froyo.  My main issue with ice cream is that 90% of the flavors have chocolate in them, and that really isn't my cup of tea.  Graeters won me over though, because they also had cotton candy with sprinkles ice cream.  If there was ever a more perfect combination than cotton candy and sprinkles, i haven't heard of it!
Apparently, perfection DOES exist.
Graeters also had gourmet candy and desserts!
Well HELLO THERE, boys!
The biggest thing that Cincinnati is known for, arguably, is skyline chili.  The only problem with skyline chili is that i don't eat beef, and Cincinnati doesn't tolerate vegetarians.  Thank goodness Jessica was the guinea pig, and not only went to Skyline, but got the 5-way chili inverted with garlic.  Basically, thats hardcore.  I would post a picture, but it is horrific beyond words.  You are a trooper Jess.
Every i go to Cincy, i see a fast food chain called Big Boy.  Matt refuses to take me there because their specialty is fried fish and tarter sauce - two things i hate.  I finally convinced him this time, at least to pull over, let me jump out of the car, and take a picture of me with the big boy!
Next time i am buying a hamburger to hold up next to him!
We also went to two bars while we there.
The first was Japps (seriously)  which is a fairly new casual cocktail bar.  The drinks were excellent, but they didn't have a ton of beer selections for the boys.  The second place we went was called Neon's, and had an amazing outdoor patio space with heaters and firepits.  It was a little crowded though, probably because it was awesome.  The drinks were very strong, and we ended up making a late night run to the border.  Literally.  We ended up at a taco bell in Kentucky.  These things happen.

My only regret is that running so slow cut into my valuable Cincinnati eating time!  I will be back for christmas, and you better believe i will be back for you, big boy!

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