Thursday, October 6, 2011

Zombie Marathon Day 5

I was cranky last night.  It was late when we started the movie.  I had yoga, so matt attempted to make dinner all by himself.  He decided to try and make celariac, a vegetable far beyond our comprehension, for reasons i still do not understand. 
                                                   I don't even think you know, celariac.
He ended up nearly setting our apartment on fire, and when i gently cautioned him the CLEARLY obvious.  "Hey Matt, i think the apartments on fire..."  He ended up flipping out, yelling and blaming me. Like i caused the great celariac fire of 2011 with my mind.  Who am i?  The firestarter??

Not. my. fault.

Since we were both so pissy, we chose Evil Dead, because its a sure to please flick, and matt had never seen it.  (i know right??  Cincinnati is like another world!)
I have seen Evil Dead so many times, and i still love it.  Bruce Campbell rocks my world.
1.  Super cheesy 80's hair and attitudes.
2.  Still scares me when the hands come through the door and grab him.  STILL.
3.  Secluded cabin set up.  Why people would ever go to a cabin in the middle of nowhere, where the only way out is broken down bridge is BEYOND ME.

1. Are they zombies?  or are they possessed people.  It could be debated
2.  The sounds the zombies make are really, really annoying, and i am pretty sure my neighbors hate me now.
3.  There is no can i complain about Evil Dead?  I love this movie!

Needless to say, not the first time i have watched it, definitely won't be the last.

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