Monday, October 17, 2011


I'm a pirate?  no, but i do have some mighty fine booty.  (ZING!)  Actually i am stressed out and hopped up on coffee today because i have some big important meetings.  That means all my blogging and dicking around will have to occur on my lunch break.  SADNESS!  I have a backlog of zombie movies to blog about, since i have limited internet when i go back to the stone age my moms house.  I also need to magically make more time occur within this day, because i have too much to do at work, and then i have to figure out how to simultaneously get an hour of cross training in, make dinner and snacks to host a zombie movie viewing party, and clean my house.  AND cook a butternut squash.  Any multi-taskers out there?  How do i do this without burning down my kitchen or starving my friends??

Oh well, you think about that while you and i both anxiously await my lunch, so that i can blog.  and eat lunch.

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