Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Housewife for a day!

The hardest thing i did today was deny myself a beer at the bar across the street from my hot yoga studio. Life. is. tough.  I imagined my day is the typical day for one of the housewives on those "real housewife" shows, despite the fact that i have never actually seen one and have no idea what they really do.  This was  how the day went.  Wake up early, debate running, instead lay in bed for hour.  Get out of bed, make coffee, and read blogs while waiting for stores to open.  Epic mouse battle with very slow mouse that obviously ingested something toxic.  Eat delicious breakfast and head downtown.  Visit Anthropologie, Macy's, Crate and Barrel, and many more.  (i didn't buy anything though, just took pictures.  I assume a real housewife would try on fur coats and diamonds which i refrained from.)  Get overpriced organic vegan fresh-squeezed smoothie.  Head home.  Snack on popsicles and candy.  nap.  go to hot yoga.  Sadly look into bar and not treat yourself to beer because of sweaty, gross appearance.

Is this really the housewife life???  Because i love it.  

I got my snooty smoothy from peeled in lincoln park, which is like an upscale jamba juice.  Which is ironic, because i though jamba juice was upscale.
It looks exactly like the jamba juice that preceded it.  Only for rich people.
This  smoothie is made of diamonds and unicorn tears
Also, did you know that Macy's has a candy shop in the lower level???
I die.
Is this really the life of a housewife?  Because it's amazing.  The only sad thing is that i have to back to work tomorrow.

On a side note, i have been feeling weird about not running this morning.  I assume its guilt, but i wouldn't know, having never felt that before.  I try and cheer myself up with the fact that i walked alot today, and went to yoga, but i still keep thinking that fast marathon running people probably don't take days off to frolic and drink smoothies.   Oh well, six months ago i would go weeks with out getting any exercise outside of occasionally walking to bar, so i guess i am going alright.  they say rome wasn't built in a day, and i am inclined to believe that, despite having never seen rome.

Well, i better get back to work, i have zombie movies to watch!

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