Friday, October 21, 2011

Zombie Marathon day 20

Bad weather, bad traffic, and cranky because our heat isn't working and our apartment is hovering in the upper 50's.  We need a good zombie movie.
Thank god for you.
Everytime i watch this movie, it gets better.  I LURVEEEEEEEEEE this movie.  When i watch this movie, i feel that i could also survive a zombie apocalypse.  Except i would have a baseball bat instead of a cricket paddle.  Because i am American and all.  While i was watching it, i tried to think of what bar i would hole myself up in during zombie apocalypse.  My first thought was Bob-inn
The greatest bar in Chicago.  period.
I love this bar.  I  moved to be closer to this bar. It's family owned, and sometimes i enjoy just going in to enjoy a beer, watch a sports game, and chat with my neighbors.  Todays pros and cons will be about surviving the zombie apocalypse in the Bob Inn.  (Chicago's "Winchester")

1.  Closest bar to my house, could get there in 5 minutes.  2 1/2 minutes if being chased by zombies.
2.  Fully stocked with can's of miller highlife.  They know what i like.
3.  No one else would think to go there during zombie apocalypse.

1.  No food.  I can't go more than three hours without eating something.
2.  Front door is weak, and would not provide much protection from zombies.
3.  They don't have weapons in the bar.  That i know of.  All though i bet i could do some damage with a pool cue....

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