Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The windy city of doom.

There is one thing more than any other that i hate to wake up to.  I don't mind the alarm.  I actually enjoy sun on my face.  Even the train is an endearing thing to wake up to.  The one thing i loathe in the morning is the Weather bug alerts.
Guess what?!? Your morning run is cancelled.  And you will spend two hours in traffic.  And you will still be late to work,

Chicago is under some kind of attack, from what i can only assume to be poseidon, god of the ocean, and acting ruler over Lake Michigan.  The city is being sacked right now with pouring rain, super high winds, colder than usual temps, and even 15 ft waves on lake Michigan.  Thats quite a wave for a lake!  They even closed down the lakefront path so that innocent joggers won't be swept into the abyss. Needless to say that exclamation point ruined my morning, and so many other warnings as well.  (excessive heat warning! freezing rain! blizzard!)  I have my hot yoga class tonight, so i wont have time to run after work, unless i go really late, which totally interferes with my desire to go to bed at 9, so this left me with no choice but to run on the dreadmill.
Remember me??  VWA HA HA!
We have one in the basement at work, so it is kinda my plan C when i can't find the time to run both before and after work, and have to run on my lunch break.  LAME.  Today i did 4 miles at 9 minutes a mile.  I even tried to entertain myself by pretending to do speed training, but in reality tried to find the speed at which i fall off the machine.  (8.4, in case you were curious)  

I just cannot run on a treadmill.  I get so bored, and then start to focus on how it makes my shins hurt.  Or how long a minute really is.  Or how slow i am actually going when you have the time to think about it.  Then, because i am at work, i have to spend the next hour with the dreaded tomato face, which i get real bad.  (the downfall of being ginger.)  Having red hair and a tomato face is unacceptable.  UNACCEPTABLE!

Ok, i should probably stop whining and start working.  Some people train for marathons using only a treadmill, because they live in places even more uninhabitable than Chicago (the horror!)  I will just pout way through this bad weather, because to be honest, it's only going to get worse from here.  Winter is coming.

You have no idea, girl.  NO IDEA.

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