Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Coach Skunky McSpeedwork

After work i went for what will probably be my last run on my afterwork trail until spring.  It was pitch black by 6:30, and i dont feel comfortable running through the woods alone in the dark.  (You hear that serial killers?  I'M ON TO YOU.)  It was really important to me that this run be good, because i am nervous about sucking at the half marathon this weekend.  Remember how hours ago i blogged with youthful glee about cotton candy corn?  SCREW YOU CANDY CORN.  It totally decided to try for an encore appearance on my run.  So wonderful going down, not so wonderful trying to come up.  

***in defense of the candy corn, maybe if i had stuck to a single serving, it wouldn't have been so deadly.

I really started to slow down in order to keep the contents of my stomach intact, when right in front of me on the trail i saw this:
Yeah.  A god damn skunk within a few feet of me.  I only first saw a skunk this past summer, in an unfortunate "late night dog-walking/misidentifying as a suburban squirrel" incident, and after that, i swore i never wanted to see one again.  Especially not all up in my face.  I assume that like most animals, if you remain calm and don't make sudden movements, you will be fine.  Naturally, i start screaming, and SPRINT the other way.  I still felt sick, but there was no way i was getting skunked.  I didn't stop to look behind me, but i am 99% sure he chased me all the way back to my car, like a stinky, black and white bobcat.  I wonder what the fastest speeds are that skunks have been clocked at?
Why do you run so fast, amour?? your negative split, its c'est magnifique!
Needless to say, despite wanting to walk the second half my run, i ended up with a wicked negative split, and a run not to be ashamed of.  Thank you, Coach Skunky McSpeedwork, i would be much slower with out you.  

Coach Skunky's speed training shaved minutes off my time!

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